A New CBD Facility Launched in Florida

One of the Florida CBD manufacturers has announced the opening of a new cannabidiol subject in Tampa. The opening ceremony at the new 15,000 square foot Global Widget facility is scheduled for October 9th.

Kevin Collins, Co-CEO of the facility, said the new subject will support the community growth and make CBD “more cost-effective and reachable to consumers and businesses that thrive on selling it.”

Global Widget, which manufactures and supplies hemp-derived CBD products for Nature’s Script and Perfect Paws Hemp, stated that they have created nearly 200 management and manufacturing working positions at their three bordering Tampa departments.

Compliance Officer Margaret Richardson stated that the company manages with federal legislators and provides information to the FDA to help make CBD a legal, docile industry that can profit local businesses and boost the state’s economy.

Global Widget is one of thirteen CBD companies that help fund consumer research on the impact of regular CBD use on people.