An Independent British Isle Enters CBD Business

The Isle of Man is an area that is located between Ireland and England. The Administration of the territory has recently announced that it has intentions to create an export sector for hemp and cannabis products. The island’s government also said it is looking for opportunities to regulate its potential in the cannabinoid industry. The London-based industry group Canna Consultants who work with the Isle of Man government has already developed a concept of schemes to develop the industry:

  • Working with seeds (import, transport, storage);
  • Growing and harvesting hemp seeds with low and high THC content;
  • Biomass and extracts storage and transportation;
  • Extraction and processing of substances containing controlled cannabinoids;
  • Import and export of biomass containing controlled cannabinoids and cannabis-derived products;
  • Production of cannabis-based products.
  • Analysis and testing of cannabinoids.

However, the government said that cannabis won’t be allowed for prescription or recreational purposes under the new conditions. According to Canna Consultants, the law establishing the export-only cannabinoid sector could be put to parliamentary debate and vote in December 2020 and will come into force as early as January 2021. It remains unclear what the Isle of Man cannabis sector may mean for suppliers, wholesalers, and consumers in the UK, Europe, and elsewhere.