Best CBD Capsules: top rated CBD capsules 2022

The market is crowded with products with Cannabidiol (CBD). But not all of them are trustworthy or safe. CBD capsules are used as a natural supplement known for its health promotion properties. CBD is now a subject of studies and has a great potential as an addition to pain management therapy, healthy sleep cycle maintenance, and many other applications. But it’s necessary to find the best source.

Growing aware of so many unsafe products out there, we took our time to pick the best CBD capsules in the market for you. So, if you don’t know which brand to choose, here we have a list of 10 recommended CBD capsules, a direct link to their manufacturer’s site, and the most important characteristics backed by users experiences. We selected capsules of different CBD content (15 to 50 mg of cannabidiol per serving) and created a table with strongest options at the top of the list.

Image Product Details Store
Endoca CBD Capsules Strong Endoca 50 mg CBD capsules: Strong
1500mg of CBD per bottle
– 1 capsule serving: 50 mg (very strong)
– 30 capsules per bottle
– Full spectrum
– Contain Omega 3, Omega 6, Vitamin E

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 CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Softgels  CBDistillery Full Spectrum CBD Softgels
900mg | 1800mg CBD per bottle
30mg per capsule
– 30 mg of CBD (50 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract) per softgel (strong)
– Available in 30 or 60 count bottles
– Full spectrum
– Broad spectrum CBD version is also presented

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CBD Pure 750mg Soft Gels  CBD Pure Softgels 750
25mg per capsule
 – 25 mg of cannabidiol per softgel (medium-strong)
– Each bottle contains 750 mg of CBD
– Full spectrum
– 90 days money back guarantee

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Green Roads CBD Softgels
750mg CBD total
25mg per softgel
 – 25 mg of CBD per softgel (medium-strong)
– 30 softgels per jar
– CBD Isolate
– Pharmacist formulated

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NuLeaf Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Capsules NuLeaf Naturals
Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Capsules (15mg/softgel)
300mg | 900 mg | 1800 mg
CBD per bottle
– 1 capsule serving: 15mg (medium)
– A whole-plant extract: a full spectrum of naturally arising synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes
– Organic Colorado-grown hemp, CO2 extraction
– Free 2-3 days US shipping

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 MaxCBD Soft Gels MaxCBD Welness
Soft Gel Capsules

15mg CBD per capsule
 – With Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids
– Full spectrum
– 30 capsules per bottle, 15mg CBD per capsule (medium)

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Green Helix Acute Stress Relief Capsules Green Helix
Acute Stress Relief
1500mg CBD Capsules
30 capsules per bottle
– 50 mg per serving (very strong)
– THC free
– Proprietary Intense Stress Infusion 350mg: Ashwagandha, Magnesium Chloride, Valerian Root, Rhodiola
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 CBD Essence Capsules  CBD Essence Medicinal Oil Capsules
Hight absorption
– 35 mg cannabidiol content per capsule (strong)
– Available packaging 30-120 capsules per bottle
– Full spectrum
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softgels_bl-300x300  Royal CBD 25 mg capsules
30 servings per bottle
– 1 capsule serving: 25 mg (medium-strong)
– 30 counts
– Premium hemp extract 
– Less than 0.2% THC
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 Re:Botanicals CBD Capsules 60 servings Re:Botanicals Hemp 15MG classic capsules – 60 servings
900mg CBD per bottle
– 1 capsule serving: 15mg (medium)
– 60 counts
– With organic virgin coconut oil
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Do you need CBD capsules?

CBD capsules contain a substance in cannabis known as Cannabidiol. Although it may be derived from Cannabis Sativa plant, it won’t make you feel “high” because it doesn’t have the psychoactive ingredient, known as THC. Being free of this ingredient, CBD capsules aim to make use of the therapeutic potential of medical cannabis in a convenient form of a pill, intended to promote wellbeing.

In a capsule form, CBD is easily swallowed and won’t give you a metallic or earthy taste. The concentration of CBD in each capsule is very easy to calculate and clearly stated in the bottle, making it more convenient if you need to stick to a particular dose.

Why are people using CBD capsules?

People are using this supplement because it is an easier and very comfortable way to get their daily dose of CBD. Once in the body, this substance stimulates CB2 receptors in the brain, which, study shows, might have a great potential in inflammation and pain management.

CBD capsules have other applications, for example they might help support a sense of calm and focus, manage every day stress, promote recovery from exercise-induced inflammation and maintain healthy sleep cycles.

Advantages of CBD capsules

  • CBD capsules consist of natural ingredients
  • Easy to use: no need to calculate dosage
  • CBD is thought to help manage every day stress
  • CBD is associated with faster recovery from exercise-induced inflammation
  • Many people use CBD for sleep disorders
  • CBD shows promise in managing pain and anxiety
  • Accessible without prescription: easy to buy online

Side effects

CBD is tagged as “generally safe” by World Health Organization report dedicated to Cannabidiol. This means that clinical trials and studies so far have not determined a potentially harmful effect.

However, some people do report uncommon effects such as diarrhea, fatigue, and appetite changes. If this is your case, we urge you to discontinue your CBD treatment and talk about your symptoms to a healthcare professional.


CBD is on the rise because it has potential natural powers, and has similar effects to those experienced with THC-containing cannabis, but without the high feeling and risk of addiction. CBD is considered a “generally safe” supplement by health authorities. In a capsule form, CBD is very convenient and appropriate for people who need to stick to a fixed dose.

Most people consume CBD capsules for maintaining general wellbeing and soothing effects. However, CBD is shown to have an anti-seizure activity, and is a component in a prescription seizure treatment medicine. As always, you need to be careful and only consume CBD from trustworthy sources such as those listed above. Never rely on unrealistic claims that promise you cure for all ailments and if you’re in doubt, always consult a medical professional.