Best CBD for cats

Best CBD oils for cats: top CBD products for your cat in 2022

Using CBD for pets has become quite common, and many people are very satisfied with the effects of CBD that they see on their furry friends’ behaviour and well-being.

There have been a few scientific studies dedicated to the effects of CBD on dogs, but more clinical research is needed to understand the potential of cannabidiol for cats.

If you want to know more about this topic and how you can use CBD tinctures for cats, then you should continue reading this article.

Why do people use CBD oil for cats?

Many cats tend to be anxious at times. There are cats that get scared in any unfamiliar situation, and managing their stress and fears can become a real challenge for their owners. A fearful and nervous cat may behave irrationally or even aggressive when trying to deal with emotions. When people try to find a solution for their cat’s anxiety, CBD is one of the things that comes to mind. Cat anxiety is probably the number one cat problem that people try to solve by using CBD oil. Besides behavioural issues, CBD might be helpful for chronic pains caused by various conditions, as well as for joint support (especially in older cats). And, just like us, some cats have trouble sleeping, and in this case trying CBD oil worth a try as well.

How to use CBD oil for cats?

First thing that you should keep in mind is that have never give your cat any THC. You don’t want to see your cat getting even more anxious and irrational than before, so you should definitely avoid any psychoactive substances when it comes to cats. CBD is not psychoactive, but full spectrum CBD oils normally contain small amounts of THC which will not have any psychoactive effects on humans, but for cats you shouldn’t risk it. For cats, it’s preferable to use broad spectrum or isolate CBD formulations.

Most people just add CBD oil to their cat’s food or water. There are many options of flavoured CBD oils for pets on the market, which makes these products easy to give to our furry friends. It is advised to always start with a small dosage and increase gradually depending on how your cats react to the supplement. Always read the instructions that come with your CBD product to ensure that the cat is getting appropriate dosage. CBD oils are considered safe for cats when given in right dosage. If your cat still doesn’t like the taste of the oil, you may want to consider a special spray or chewable treats.

What are the best cat CBD oils currently on the market?

CBD for pets has become so popular that nearly all CBD brands have pet collection among their products. However, not all CBD is created equal, and it is important to follow simple rules to make sure that you’re buying safe and responsibly made product for your cat.

1. Choose organic, all-natural CBD with known hemp origin. You should always buy from a manufacturer that is transparent about where the hemp come from and about the farming technologies. It’s becoming industry standard to grow hemp without using any chemicals to deliver all-natural end product to the customers.

2. Check for 3rd party lab tests. It’s probable the most important thing for consumers when they look to buy high quality CBD oil. Every reputable brand will make sure that every products come with a certificate of analysis issued by a professional lab.

3. Buy from reputable brands. Do you homework before buying CBD oil – take a look at reviews and brand reputation. If many people trust a brand and speak in favor of their products, it’s definitely a good sign.

We actually already did your homework for you. Below you can find the list of CBD products for cats by CBD brands that use clear and transparent farming and manufacturing practices and are appreciated by many customers.

Image Product Details Store
cbdmd CBD Oil for cat cbdMD
Pet CBD Oil Tincture for Cats
150mg | 300mg of CBD per bottle
– Available in strengths of 150mg and 300mg per 30 ml bottle
– Superior Broad Spectrum tincture: contains Hemp extracts (CBD, CBN, CBG)
– From US-grown hemp
– THC free, Gluten free
– Veterinarian formulated
– Flavor options: Natural or Catnip
– 3rd party lab tested
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cbdmd CBD Pet softchews 300mg cbdMD
Pet CBD Soft Chews for Cats

2mg of CBD
per chew
– 150 chews per jar: 2mg CBD per each, 300mg total CBD
– Available in dosage 150mg of CBD per jar (1 mg/chew)
– Superior Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract with high quality CBD (+ CBN, CBG and terpenes)
– THC free, Gluten free
– Veterinarian formulated
– Chicken & Catnip flavor
– Wellness support, good for both young and old cats
– 3rd party lab tested
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 Petly Hemp CBD Oil for cats Petly
Pet Hemp CBD Oil for Cats

125mg of CBD per bottle
 – 125mg CBD per 30ml bottle (4,16mg of CBD per 1ml dropper)
– Broad Spectrum Phytocannabinoid-rich Hemp Oil from organically grown US hemp
– THC free, non-GMO, Gluten free
– Just one additional ingredient – MCT Oil
– Veterinarian approved
– Formulated for cats
– Recommended dosage: 1ml serving, once a day
– 3rd party lab tested, made in the USA
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CBD Pet Tincture

600mg | 150mg of CBD per bottle
– 2 dosages: 150mg and 300mg per 30ml bottle (5mg and 20mg per 1ml serving)
– High-quality Full Spectrum CBD from USA-grown hemp
– < 0.3% THC, non-GMO
– Ingredients: Cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil + CO2 Hemp Extract (Aerial Parts)
– Safe for all dogs and cats
– To support your pet’s endocannabinoid system (pain and inflammation, immune system, emotional responses management)
– Suggested serving by weight:
Under 25 lbs: 0.5 mL (10mg),
25-75 lbs: 0.5 – 1mL (10-20mg),
Over 75 lbs: 1 – 2mL (20-40mg)
– 3rd-party lab tested

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Procana CBD Oil for mini dog and cat Procana
Mini Breed Dog & Cat CBD Tincture
90mg of CBD
per bottle
– 90mg of CBD per 30ml bottle (3mg of CBD per 1ml serving)
– Non-GMO, Gluten free, Vegan
– Procana VET Formula™, designed for pets up to 12 pounds
– Organic Peanut Butter flavor
– With Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– For overall health, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and more
– 3rd party lab tested

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medipets cbd oil for cats MediPets
CBD Oil for Cats

25mg | 50mg | 100mg of CBD
per bottle
 – Available in 3 dosages: 25mg, 50mg and 100 mg of CBD per 30ml bottle (0.83mg, 1.67mg and 3.33mg of CBD per 1ml serving respectively)
– Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
– THC free, non-GMO, no pesticides
– 100% naturall
– With organic flavoring
– Pharmacist-formulated
– Created specially for cats
– Recommended for cats weighing up to 24 lbs
– 3rd party lab tested, made in the USA

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cbdmagic-full-spectrum-cbd-oil-pets-500mg.jpg CBD Magic Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil for Pets
500mg of CBD per bottle
 – Available in 2 dosages: 500mg and 1000 mg of CBD per 30ml bottle
– 100% natural
– Alleviates mild to moderate pains & aches
– Decreases anxiety & stress
– Improves focus & clarity
– Lowers inflammation
– Enhances mood
– 3rd party lab tested
– Made in Canada

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 Medterra cbd pets tincture beef 750mg Medterra
CBD Tincture Pets
150mg | 300mg | 750mg of CBD per bottle
– Available dosages: 150mg of CBD per 15ml (0.5 fl oz) bottle (10mg per 1ml serving);
300mg of CBD per 30ml (1 fl oz) bottle (10mg per 1ml serving);
750mg per 30ml (1 fl oz) bottle (25mg per 1ml serving)
– High quality 99.6% CBD from organically Kentucky-grown hemp
– THC free, non-GMO, no pesticides
– Infused with MCT Oil (Coconut derived)
– Natural Beef flavor 
– 3rd party lab tested, U.S. Hemp Authority™ certified

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 Medterra cbd pets chews calming bacon Medterra
CBD Pet Calming Soft Chews
10mg of CBD
per chew
– 10mg of CBD per chew, 30 soft chews per bag, total 300mg CBD
– High quality 99.6% CBD from organically Kentucky-grown hemp
– THC free, non-GMO, Grain free
– Contains supporting, calming ingredients: Valerian Root, Organic Chamomile, L-Tryptophan
– With Hemp Seed Powder, Lecithin, Organic Passion Flower, Organic Ginger Root, Vitamin E
– Natural Bacon flavor
– To keep your pet relaxed and happy
– Available CBD Pet Joint Support Chews version (with glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin – for joint health)
– 3rd party lab tested, U.S. Hemp Authority™ certified

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 savage cbd Pet Spray Savage
Full Spectrum CBD Pet Spray
500mg of CBD
per bottle
– 500mg of CBD per 60 ml bottle
– High Quality Full Spectrum CBD
– All-natural, Vegan, GMO free, no pesticides
– With MCT Coconut Oil and Hemp Seed Oil
– Designed specifically for pets
– Easy to apply onto food or beverage
– Onset time – 30-45min
– For relaxation, wellness, general discomfort or hot spots
– Recommended use: spray 2-3 times on food, or 1 – into mouth; for hot spots – 1-2 times on skin
– 3rd party lab tested, made in the USA

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What about CBD cat treats and sprays?

CBD oil with a dropper remains the most popular type of CBD for humans and for pets. It’s a classic form, but it has its downsides. For example, it may not be easy to give CBD oil from a dropper to a pet in an anxious state.

In addition to CBD oils for cats, many brands offer delicious CBD treats and convenient CBD sprays for cats. Treats come in different flavors and salmon is one of the cats favorites. When it comes to sprays, all you need is to apply it directly into your cat’s mouth or spray onto food.

Final recommendations

Any time your cat is showing signs of stress and anxiety, or especially pain, the first thing that you have to do is visit a veterinarian. There are vets that use CBD oils in their practice, and they may be able to recommend a specific product that they have seen to work well on pets.

If your cat is otherwise healthy and you just want to try CBD oil to improve its well-being, you may use our list of high quality CBD products that your cat will most definitely like.