Best CBD Patches

Best CBD patches to buy in 2022

There are several methods to consume cannabidiol (CBD); most people choose to apply CBD oil under the tongue or add it to food or drink, although there are also other safe and effective mechanisms, including patches, which gain more and more attention every year.

What is a CBD patch?

The product is relatively new on the market, although the technology is already well known, as it works in a very similar way to the contraceptive or nicotine patch, with the particularity that CBD patches contain a dose of cannabidiol molecules, infused in an oil, gel or isolated solution, together with carriers and permeation enhancers for transdermal application.

Advantages of CBD patches

  • The patches are an alternative way to obtain all the benefits that CBD supplements provide in an easy and very discreet way, it only adheres to one body area and can be worn during the day without anyone noticing. In fact, they are very convenient for continuous use.
  • In general, the lungs and stomach have a defence mechanism responsible for preventing any chemical from entering the bloodstream; this complicates the entry of CBD into the body when ingested, on the other hand this doesn’t happen when it’s applied as a patch. Substance doesn’t pass to the stomach, but enters transdermally, so it will require a lower dose to achieve the desired results. CBD patch administers a steady infusion of CBD into your system over a period of time.
  • CBD is commonly used to relieve pain and muscle tension, precisely the patch is ideal, as it can be applied directly to the affected area to quickly soothe ailments.

What are the best CBD patches currently on the market?

In 2021, some of the best CBD patches available on the market come from renowned companies with extensive experience in the field, that manufacture patches with high safety profile, using slow release system that doses out a constant supply of CBD throughout the day. Below you can find high quality CBD patches from reputable brands that have been rated as safe and effective by other customers.

Image Product Details Store
Hemp Bombs CBD patch Hemp Bombs
CBD Pain Patches
50mg of CBD per patch
– 2 patches per pack (total 100mg of premium CBD)
– Contains lidocaine
– Absorbed gradually
– Can be used for up to 8-12 hours
–  For soothing and cooling relief
– 3rd-party lab tested
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Island Therapeutics CBD Patches Island Therapeutics
CBD Transdermal Patches

20mg or 40mg of CBD per patch
– Available in 20mg or 40mg volume
– Dimensions: 5 x 9 x 1cm
– The gradual release system
– Can be used for up to a full 24 hours
– To relieve inflammation and pain locally, to reduce anxiety and relax
– Lab tested
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Budslife 100Mg-CBD-Patches Budslife CBD Patches
50mg, 75mg or 100mg of CBD per patch
– Available in 50mg, 75mg or 100mg volume
– Zero per cent THC content for peace of mind
– Discreet, odourless patch for wearing in any situation
– Slow-release action
– 5 x Patches a pack
– 1 x Patch provides round the clock CBD and last for 3-days
– Active Ingredients – Hemp-derived Broad Spectrum CBD (100mg) and other cannabinoids (no THC or CBN) and terpenes.
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CBD Infused Patch Social CBD
CBD Infused Patch

100mg of CBD per patch
– 100mg Patch
– 1-Pack
– Sweat and Water Resistant
– No Artificial Fragrances or Colors
– CBD infused patch is easy to apply and slowly release pure CBD hemp extract over 24 hours – giving you the steady support you need, day and night
– Active Ingredients – CBD Hemp Extract
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How do you use a CBD patch?

CBD patches are sticky squares that contain a certain amount of CBD oil extracted from hemp. You can use them by sticking a patch piece on the area of ​​the body where you feel the most pain.

In case you want to use them for general relief or to increase the well-being of your body, it is recommended that you place the patch on the lower part of the upper arm, on the inside of the thigh or on the spine, near the base of the neck.

You can use more than one patch simultaneously, if you need it. Also, you can cut the patches in half to use them on two different parts of the body at the same time. For use in children or small people, it is also possible to use only half the patch.

Why do people use CBD patches?

You can obtain all its benefits in an optimal way, it is advisable that you use a complete CBD patch and that you keep it glued to your skin for 24 hours. Later, you can remove the patch and stick a new one. Remember to change the exact place where you place the patch in order to continue enjoying its benefits without straining the absorption capacity of a specific area of ​​the skin.