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The 3 Best CBD Wholesale Suppliers in 2022

Finding a new wholesale CBD supplier can be overwhelming; there are seemingly infinite options, all claiming they alone have the best products on the market. Unfortunately, the CBD industry is underregulated and has allowed many wholesalers who aren’t transparent to flourish.

Our approach to finding a wholesale supplier is to utilize a trusted brand. Below are the primary factors you need to fully understand before making a decision:

  • Source of hemp – Where is the hemp coming from, and is it ethically farmed?
  • Extraction methods – Are the cannabis compounds extracted safely?
  • Diversity of products – Does the supplier have a diverse product line, and can they deliver new products as trends evolve in the industry?
  • Cost and value – Are the products worthy of their cost, and can you turn a profit off their price point?

NuLeaf Naturals

Since 2014 NuLeaf Naturals has led the way through diversifying its product line and innovating new extraction methods. You will be hard-pressed to find a full-spectrum oil with a higher total cannabinoid potency.

While NuLeaf has generally stuck to tinctures, balm, and capsules, they have consistently added new extracts featuring unique cannabinoid concentrations. They were one of the first brands to add products featuring CBC, CBG, and CBN. In addition, they’ve recently added Delta 8 THC, catering to the modern hemp consumer’s demands.

Calling NuLeaf Naturals a CBD company is would be unfair. They are the embodiment of the term ‘cannabinoid hemp’, which is being used to describe the hemp industry’s current state accurately.

NuLeaf Naturals uses propriety genetics; they control the entire farming process and use a green extraction method to ensure the highest quality hemp cannabinoid products available today.


CBDistillery logo

CBDistillery is a trusted brand with an incredibly diverse line of products. One advantage to sourcing products from CBDistillery is they offer full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolates. They also have every practical administration method that has survived the novelty CBD era, sorry CBD bed sheets.

The CBDistillery product line includes:

Basically, for any cannabis product you need that doesn’t get you high, CBDistillery has you covered.


Medterra CBD logo

As one of the most recognizable cannabis brands, Medterra has gained its reputation by providing cutting-edge products at reasonable prices. In addition, the brand has stayed at the forefront of the industry by constantly evolving its product line.

Medterra has an incredibly diverse product line; however, they do not offer products featuring other dominant cannabinoids other than CBD. They have award-winning full-spectrum and broad-spectrum formulations featuring small amounts of THC and ‘minor cannabinoids’ but no CBG, CBN, CBC, or Delta 8 specific products.

The trusted brand has instead focused on blends that cater to specific needs. For instance, they have multiple products that promote sleep, relaxation, a healthy immune system, and focus. Using ingredients like melatonin and vitamin C, they’ve developed blends that help users experience specific benefits rather than taking CBD for its broad natural healing properties.

Choose the Brand that Fits Your Customer Base

All three brands have gained a reputation for delivering safe, ethically produced CBD products and continue to evolve their lines to cater to the latest trends in the industry. Each brand brings something unique to the table; CBD retailers can choose the types of products they think will sell.

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