Best Cheap CBD Oil: Where to Buy Quality CBD Oil for Less

Buying CBD oil can be a substantial expense, especially if you are taking it regularly. Finding the balance between a brand you can trust and afford is difficult, but if you are educated on the process of manufacturing and marketing CBD, you will have an idea of what is driving costs.

Many times, the cheapest CBD oil is not the choice that will deliver benefits. However, because the price of hemp has dropped, extraction methods have evolved, and CBD companies can conduct business more freely, finding a reputable brand with cheap products is possible.

How Much Does CBD Oil Cost?

There are thousands of CBD brands selling products online. We don’t recommend simply choosing the cheapest option. You are putting CBD oil into your body and looking for results. Luckily, there are cheap CBD oil and CBD products from reputable brands online.

The price per mg from a trustworthy brand will land between $0.018 and $0.10 per milligram. To get down to the low end of the spectrum, you will most likely need to buy in large quantities and use a promotional discount.

Why is CBD Oil So Expensive?

In the past, CBD has been expensive because of the availability of resources and government restrictions. When producing hemp was more complicated, the price per pound of cannabinoid-rich flower was much higher today.

Operating a CBD business is still much more challenging than other types of companies. As we see regulation decreasing and trade to business services within the industry becoming more available, we expect the price to keep declining.

Full Spectrum Vs. Isolate CBD

The hemp cannabinoid industry has undergone many evolutions over the past decade. There was once a belief that pure CBD (isolate) was more beneficial, increasing the price per milligram. Once more information became available to the general public, the demand shifted towards full-spectrum products.

Companies struggled to find extraction methods that would keep substantial levels of cannabinoids such as CBN, CBC, and CBG while keeping THC at legal potency levels. Since then, the extraction industry has evolved, and production methods exist that are commercially viable. Today, CBD oil can be produced at reasonable costs with a total cannabinoid potency that will deliver additional benefits.

What is CBD spectrum?

Read our informational post about the difference between Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Isolate CBD

Sourcing Hemp

The ‘Farm Bill’ opened up the retail CBD industry in 2018. Hemp farmers also benefited from the progressive legislation creating an influx of new growers and fewer regulations for existing producers. Since 2018 hemp production has increased by over 400% in the United States.

CBD Marketing

While many aspects of the hemp industry have gotten much more accessible for CBD companies, marketing remains a challenge. Hemp’s close relationship with marijuana creates boundaries between traditional and mainstream media platforms. The major digital media ad providers, Google and Facebook, ban or restrict advertisements from CBD companies.

Restrictions from ad platforms create an increased customer acquisition cost for brands. The price is then passed over to the consumer.

Many companies avoid the significant platforms by utilizing sponsorships. They pay public figures to post their products or wear their logo. While this avoids the restrictions on FB and Google, professional athletes and influencers aren’t cheap and result in high prices.

For now, the cost of CBD oil will remain relatively high, especially for newer brands looking to scale.

Where to Buy Quality CBD Oil for Less?

Buying cheap CBD oil can be done online, but it requires the consumer to shop around. Be mindful of how they source their hemp, how it is extracted, and where their primary source of customers is coming from to determine what is driving the cost.

Image Product Details Store
  Essentials by Savage
Full Spectrum CBD Tincture
– From $0,018 to $0,029 per 1mg
(depending on the dosage)
– Full Spectrum CBD
– 3 levels of strength: 1000mg, 1500mg, or 2000mg per 30ml bottle
– Strength per 1ml: 33mg, 50mg, or 67mg
– Lemon Lime, Peach Pear, Pink Grapefruit, and Cucumber Mint flavors
– Free shipping
–  3rd-party lab tested, made in the USA

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Full Spectrum CBD
– From $0,022 to $0,054 per 1mg
– Full Spectrum CBD from Colorado grown hemp
– Available in strengths 500mg and 1000mg of CBD per 30ml bottle, 4000mg and 8000mg of CBD per 120ml bottle
– 33mg or 67mg per 1ml
– Non-GMO, no gimmicks, no additives
– Free shipping
– Made in the USA, 3rd-party lab tested

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 CBDism CBD Oil Tincture 1500mg CBDism
Full Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture
– From $0,025 to $0,07 per 1mg
– Hemp derived Full Spectrum CBD
– 3 levels of strengths: 500mg, 1500mg, or 3000mg of CBD per 30ml bottle
– 17mg, 50mg, or 100mg per 1 ml respectively
– No additives, no pollutants, no gimmicks
– Available Natural, Cool Mint, Lemon, Espresso, and Grape flavors
– Made in the USA, 3rd-party lab tested

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  Avida CBD
Broad Spectrum CBD Oil
– From $0,037 to $0,07 per 1mg
– Phyto-cannabinoids & terpenes rich Broad Spectrum CBD
– Available in strengths 500mg and 1500mg, or 3000mg of CBD per 30ml bottle
– 17mg, 50mg, or 100mg per 1 ml respectively
– No detectable levels of THC
– Advanced Avida CORE Spectrum™ technology
– Available Natural, Spearmint, Orange Bliss, and Strawberry flavors
– Full Spectrum version ia also presented
– Made in the USA, 3rd-party lab tested

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CBD UltraÂŽ Tincture
$0,04 per 1mg
– Pure Isolated CBD from hemp
1500mg of CBD per 30ml bottle, 50mg per 1ml
– Vegan, non-GMO, gluten free
– THC free
– Contains only Extra Virgin Olive Oil and CBD Isolate
– 3rd-party lab tested, made in the USA

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