Best Delta 8 thc products

Best Delta-8 THC carts, edibles and tinctures reviewed

Delta-8 THC therapeutics are becoming increasingly popular among CBD users. This is largely thanks to Delta 8 THC being far more potent than Cannabidiol when it comes to helping relieve symptoms of chronic pain. The only question is, what are the best Delta-8 THC products currently on the market?

In most cases, Delta-8 THC is made available in combination with full-spectrum Cannabidiol. This is thanks to the fact that CBD and Delta-8 THC seem to work better when paired together. Here we’ll, therefore, look at what products and which brands are the most popular here in 2021.

THC Delta-8 Benefits and Therapeutic Uses

Because THC in cannabis induces psychoactive effects, most CBD products are prohibited from containing more than 0.03% THC. However, THC Delta-8 is not illegal. This is because THC Delta-8 is an analog of THC with a much lower psychoactive potency. There are also several reasons why you might want to consider using THC Delta-8 alongside regular Cannabidiol.

Worldwide, millions of people use CBD therapeutics to help mitigate the effects of chronic pain and inflammation. However, THC Delta-8 seems to have far more potent analgesic properties.

  • After smoking or ingesting THC Delta-8, THC Delta-8 binds directly to  CB1 endocannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system. By comparison, regular CBD only stimulates these receptors.
  • As an analog of THC, THC Delta-8 can help stimulate appetite and fight symptoms of anxiety.

Want to know more about Delta-8 and its effects on human body? Read our informational article.

THC Delta-8 also seems to shows promise as a neuroprotective therapeutic which may be able to help treat early signs of dementia. However, just like with CBD products, it is important to only use therapeutics made available by trusted brands.

Best Delta 8 THC Gummies

Gummies and other edibles are the perfect type of Delta-8 to take with you on the go. If you want to take Delta 8 discreetly and enjoy the taste, Delta-8 gummies is the right choice for you. Delta 8 THC gummies deliver a potent uplifting and in the same time calming feel that makes the stresses of the day melt away.

Below, you’ll find our rundown (complete with links) to some of the best rated THC Delta-8 edibles currently on the market.

Image Product Details Store
Chill Delta 8 square gummies CHILL Plus
CBD + Delta-8 Square Gummies
500mg of CBD + 500mg Delta-8 per jar
– 25 servings per 8 oz jar (serving size: 2 piece)
– 10mg of CBD isolate + 10mg of Delta-8 per gummy
– Hemp-derived, organic, all natural ingredients
– 3rd-party lab tested
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Delta Effex Delta 8 Gummies 20mg Delta Extrax
Rainbow Pack Premium Delta 8 THC Gummies

20mg of Delta-8 per gummy
– 10 count per bag, total 200mg Delta-8
– Recommended serving to start: 1/2 of 1 gummy
– Plant based, Hemp oil in the composition
– Relatively small amount of extra ingredients
– Strawberry, Green Apple, Mango, Blue Razz, & Mystery flavors
– Lab tested in the raw form and in the product

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 Koi Delta 8 Gummies Koi
Delta 8 Gummies

25mg of Delta-8 per gummy
 – 20 gummies per container, total 500mg Delta-8
– Available in Strawberry, Lime, Mango, Watermelon or Blue Raspberry flavor  
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 Delta 8 Pharma Grade Gummies Delta 8 Pharma Grade
Delta 8 Sour Patch Gummies

50mg of Delta-8 per gummy
 – 50 gummies per jar, total 2500mg Delta-8
– Hemp derived
– Contains Delta-8 Distillate
– Delta-9 THC is not detected
– Sour Patch Kids flavor
– 3rd-party lab tested
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Best Delta 8 THC Carts

Vaping carts is probably the most popular type among Delta 8 THC products. Most delta-8 carts consist of isolated Delta-8 THC suspended in natural cannabis sativa flower oil. To make sure you’re buying a safe Delta-8 THC cart, always check for a COA on the manufacturer’s site.

Below, you’ll find our rundown (complete with links) to some of the best rated THC Delta-8 carts currently on the market.

Image Product Details Store
Delta Effex Delta-8 Cartridges Delta Extrax
Delta 8 THC Cartridge

– Servings per container: about 500 (serving size – 4 puffs)
– All-natural, full spectrum hemp extract
– Ingredients: Delta-8 distillate and terpenes
– You can choose Cali Orange Kush, Strawberry Cough or Grand Daddy Purple (grape & berry aroma) disposable carts
– Lab tested

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Chill Plus Delta8 cartridge Chill Plus
CBD Delta-8 Vape Cartridge

–  900mg of Delta-8 per 1ml cartridge
– Ingredients: Hemp extract & natural terpenes
– Lab tested
– No Vitamin E Acetate
– Available in 4 flavors: Apple Fritter (Hybrid; fruity, earthy), Sour Diesel (Sativa; citrus, sour), Blue Dream (Hybrid; herbal, pine), and Banana Kush (Hybrid; citrus, herbal)
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CBDism Delta 8 Cartridges CBDism
Delta 8 Vape Cartridges

– 1000mg per 1 ml cartridge
– 100% Hemp derived
– Ingredients: Delta-8 distillate and terpenes
– No cutting agent
– Flavors: Green Crack (Sativa), Pineapple Express (Sativa), Gelato (Indica), Zkittles (Indica), White Widow (Hybrid), Luke Skywalker (Hybrid)

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 Natures8 Delta 8 +CBG Vape Cartridge Natures8
Delta 8 + CBG Vape Cartridge
 – 1 ml cartridge
– 70% Delta-8 with 30% Cannabigerol (CBG) in a blend
– Benefits of 2 active ingredients
– According to the brand, CBG enhances the effects of Delta-8
– 4 options available: Blue Dream (Sativa Hybrid; sweet berry flavor), GSC (Hybrid; sweet, earthy, spicy), Sour Diesel (Sativa; peppery, citrus, herbal), OG Kush (Indica;  earthy, spicy, pine)
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Would you care for Delta-8 cigarettes?

Yes, you heard us right. The variety of Delta-8 products on the market is growing, and if you’re looking for cigarettes infused with Delta-8, this Rollo Hemp product will most likely interest you. The cigarettes are infused with natural hemp-derived terpenes which deliver an outstanding smoking experience. Each CBD infused stick contains 80mg of high-quality indoor CBD Delta 8. You can shop by packs or by cartons (one carton contains 10 cigarette packs).

Image Product Details Store
Rollo Hemp Delta 8 Cigarette Rollo Hemp
Delta 8 Cigarette

– 80mg of Delta-8 per cigarette,
10 cigarettes per pack,
total 800mg Delta-8
– Natural, 100% pure hemp
– Ingredients: Natural Terpenes infused with MCT, Hemp-derived Delta-8
– OG Kush (Original) flavor: proprietary blend, subtle notes
Delta 8 Cigarette Carton available (10 packs of Rollo Hemp Delta 8 Cigarettes per container)
– Made in the USA
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Best Delta 8 THC Tinctures

Every person is different, and for those who don’t experience desired therapeutic effects when taking CBD, but still want to keep on the legal side, Delta 8 THC tinctures might be the best option to choose. There are also tinctures that contain a combination of CBD and Delta 8, and this mix is famous for its calming and relaxing effects. Please note that Delta 8 THC tincture can be moderately intoxicating to some people. It is advised to consult a doctor before using Delta 8 tinctures, and always start with small amounts.

Below, you’ll find our rundown (complete with links) to some of the best rated THC Delta-8 tinctures currently on the market.

Image Product Details Store
NuLeaf Delta8 Oil NuLeaf Naturals
Full Spectrum Delta 8 THC Oil

0.5 fl oz (15ml) bottle
– A whole-plant extract from organic Colorado-grown hemp, highly concentrated in Delta-8
– Full spectrum: contains CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN, and more
(‘entourage effect’)
– 15mg of active ingredients per 0.5ml serving, total 450mg of active ingredients per 15ml bottle
– Available in 5ml bottle (total 150mg active ingredients) and 30ml bottle (total 900mg active ingredients)
– Pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and mycotoxins free
– Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil
– 3rd-party lab tested,
cGMP certified

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 Chill Plus CBD & Delta 8 Oil Chill Plus
Full Spectrum Delta-8 CBD Oil

1 fl oz (30ml) bottle
 – 1000mg of active ingredients per bottle: 500mg of Delta-8 + 500mg of hemp-derived CBD isolate
– A new classic combination in which Delta-8 and CBD enhance each other’s effects
– Organic, all natural, non-GMO
– 3rd-party lab tested
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 Delta8 Pharma Grade Delta 8 Oil Tincture Delta 8 Pharma Grade
Delta 8 Ansiety-X Oil Tincture
2 fl oz (60ml) bottle
 – 8888mg of active hemp-derived ingredients per 60ml bottle (very strong)
– Total 3000mg Delta-8 (25mg per 0.5ml serving) + total 5888mg CBD (50mg per 0.5ml serving)
– Cool Mint flavor
– Recommended if you deal with anxiety
– Contains CBD Distillate, Delta 8 Distillate, Hemp Seed Oil, Cool Mint Terpene Blend
– 3rd-party lab tested
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3Chi Delta 8 THC & CBN Tincture Oil 3Chi
Delta 8 THC:CBN Tincture Oil

1 fl oz (30ml) bottle
– Combines hemp derived Delta-8 with Cannabinol (CBN) in a 1:1 blend
– Available in 3 dosages:
300mg (150mg Delta-8 + 150mg CBN + 15mg CBC),
600mg (300mg Delta-8 + 300mg CBN + 30mg CBC)
or 1200mg (600mg Delta-8 + 600mg CBN + 60mg CBC) per jar
– This unique formula also contains CBC, Vitamin E and a proprietary natural terpene blend high in beta-caryophyllene
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Is THC Delta-8 Legal?

Because THC Delta-8 is an analog of regular THC, some people are wary of using CBD and THC Delta-8 products. After all, isn’t THC illegal?

As it stands, while regular THC found in cannabis is illegal in many states, THC Delta-8 is not. This is thanks to THC Delta-8 having a slightly different chemical composition and much lower psychoactive potency. However, THC Delta-8 is prohibited for sale to minors. All users should also be aware that THC Delta-8 can induce a mild cannabis ‘high.’

THC Delta-8 ‘High’ Sensations and Potential Side-Effects

As most CBD users are aware, Cannabidiol is in no way intoxicating. Neither will the use of CBD result in people failing employer or law enforcement mandated drug tests. However, the same cannot be said for THC Delta-8.

In most people, THC Delta-8 induces a mild cannabis-like high. This often sees users find their mood elevated, and is why THC Delta-8 is used by some to help manage anxiety. At the same time, though, some people find high sensations uncomfortable. More importantly, THC Delta-8 will show up on drug screenings as regular THC.

Because THC Delta-8 can show up on drug screenings and may compromise judgment, it is not advisable to use therapeutics when working or driving. Users may also want to consider disclosing their use of THC Delta-8 to employers, in advance of mandatory drug testing.