Best Full-Spectrum CBD Oils: vetted products

CBD is becoming very popular, and there are many products in the market, and many variations of the same substance. It might be hard to understand what you need exactly, especially if you consider so many variants. There are full-spectrum CBD oils, broad-spectrum CBD oils, and isolated CBD.

In short, full-spectrum CBD is Cannabidiol along with other phytonutrients naturally found in cannabis. Contrary to other variants of CBD, full-spectrum CBD products also contain THC. But very high proportion of THC is not what you want. If you’re looking for a proper full-spectrum CBD oil, it should come from reputable sources.

Consider this list with the best full-spectrum CBD oils we have put together after careful research and consideration, the oils listed below also come with different level of CBD content:

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   CBDism Oil Tinctures
3000mg of CBD per bottle, also available in 1500mg and 500mg
– 100mg of CBD per serving (ultimate strong)
– CBD full-spectrum, Mct Oil, Terpenes
– Natural, Cool Mint, Meyer Lemon, Espresso, Grape flavors 
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  NYMM Full Spectrum CBD Oil 2000mg of CBD per bottle – 66mg of CBD per serving (very strong)
– Organic Non-GMO Mct Oil
– Natural flavor
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  RE:Botanicals Hemp 50mg Classic Tincture
1500mg of CBD per bottle
– 50mg of CBD per serving (very strong)
–  USDA certified organic
– Certified Glyphosate Residue Free
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 Supernaturals CBD Premium Hemp Extract Supernaturals CBD
Premium Hemp Extract
(Hemp CBD Oil Tincture)
1500 mg per bottle
  – 50mg of CBD per 1 ml (very strong)
– Broad Spectrum extract, with all cannabinoids like CBA, CBC, CBD, CBG, CBN, and terpenes
– Peppermint Flavor
– US organically grown, pesticide-free, non-GMO
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   CBD Pure Hemp Oil 1000
1000mg of CBD per bottle
 – 33mg of CBD per serving (strong)
 – CO2 extracted
– Organically grown hemp
– Natural nemp flavor

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NuLeaf CBD_Oil_Human_900  NuLeaf Naturals Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil
900mg of CBD per bottle 
– 30mg of CBD per serving (strong)
– Also available in 300mg, 800mg, 3000 mg and 6000 mg per bottle
– Full spectrum of naturally occurring synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes
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   Max Relief 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil
1000mg of CBD per bottle
 – 33mg of CBD per serving (strong)
– CBD Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Mct Oil
– Ideal for mood enhancement and pain relief
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  Populum Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil
500mg of CBD per bottle
– 16mg of CBD per serving (medium)
– Colorado farm-grown hemp
– Award-winning Orange flavor
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   NJ Farms CBD Oil Any-Time All Natural
500mg of CBD per bottle 

– 16mg of CBD per serving (medium)
– Also available in 1500mg and 1000mg
– Natural flavor, also available in Mint, Cirtus and Lavender 
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  Hugs Raspberry Full Spectrum CBD Tincture
500mg of CBD per bottle
 – 16mg of CBD per serving (medium)
– Smooth tasting hint of raspberries
– Each batch is 3rd party lab tested
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Do you need full-spectrum CBD oils?

CBD oils come from the hemp seed, but there’s a lot more than CBD in these seeds. We have plenty of other phytonutrients, and THC. Both CBD and THC are cannabinoids, substances that modulate certain neurotransmitters and receptors in the body. CBD might be useful, as cannabis has a therapeutic potential according to some research. THC, on the other hand, is often associated with the psychoactive effects that makes you feel “high”. This is why it’s necessary to keep its percentage at bay. Products with too much THC are considered illegal in many regions.

However, you are very unlikely to experience any side effects if the product you use has only traces of THC instead of a high concentration. Moreover, it is believed that THC may give a little help to CBD and make your supplement more effective.

Why are people using full-spectrum CBD oils?

Full-spectrum CBD oils stimulate CB2 receptors, that are shown to be involved in pain and inflammation management. Depending on the use, some people need higher doses of CBD or do not find any comfort in isolate CBD oils.

If that’s your case, you probably need something else. Full-spectrum CBD oils might help you experience by yourself the benefits of CBD everybody is talking about.

Benefits of full-spectrum CBD oils*

  • Availability
  • No prescription needed in most of regions
  • Anti-inflammatory potential
  • Studies proof CBD oils help to prevent seizures
  • Consumers report more pleasant flavor compairing with non full-spectrum oils
  • More benefits comparing to isolates
  • Supports healthy sleep cycles
  • It is reported to have appetite-boosting effects, as opposed to other variants of CBD

Side effects

Full-spectrum CBD oils have the same potential side effects as other CBD products. This supplement is considered “generally safe”, which means that the clinical trials so far have not detected harmful and dangerous effects.

Full-spectrum CBD oils are more effective, but also have a higher chance of giving you some side effects such as fatigue, nausea, and undesired appetite changes. If you experience concerning symptoms, talk about it to your doctor and follow his advice.


Full-spectrum CBD is a variant of CBD that includes other phytochemicals and trace amounts of THC. It is reported to be more effective than isolate CBD for promoting sense of calm and focus, management of day to day stress and healthy sleep cycles. It might also have additional positive effects and a more pleasant taste.

However, you need to be careful and pick high-quality sources of full-spectrum CBD. In this article we selected for you the best full-spectrum CBD oils of different CBD content, and some information about full-spectrum CBD as compared to other variants of the same supplement.