Best vegan gummies

Best Vegan Gummies for Pain and Anxiety

CBD gummies have quickly been solidified as one of the most popular administration methods in the industry. Gummies, along with CBD oil, are leading the way in helping users experience the incredible, all-natural effects of cannabidiol.

Taking CBD gummies for pain and anxiety are also two of the most common uses for CBD. In addition, we have countless anecdotal accounts of CBD delivering life-changing results for conditions and scientific research to support these claims.

In this post, we will cover why gummies are such a prominent administration method, investigate the mechanism of relief for pain and anxiety, and give you some tips on how to get the best results possible.

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CBD:CBN Sleep Gummies
– High-quality CBD and CBN from organic Colorado-grown hemp
700mg CBD + 300mg CBN per jar (30ct), 25mg CBD and 10mg CBN per gummy (high potency)
– Vegan, gluten free
– Mixed Berry flavor
– 3rd party lab tested, made in the USA

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Thumb_Main_Gummies_FS_1_1100x1100 R&R Medicinals
THC-Free Gummies
– One Gummy delivers 25mg of USDA Organic Broad-Spectrum CBD and .35mg of minor cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, CBDv), and each jar comes with 30 Gummies (750mg CBD total).
– Non-detectable levels of THC according to HPLC analysis by third-party labs.

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 CBDistillery CBD Anytime Gummies 30mg CBDistillery™
Broad Spectrum CBD Anytime Gummies
– 30 mg per gummies (strong)
– 30 counts, 900 mg of CBD total
– Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (Aerial Parts)
– THC free
– Naturally flavored, lightly sugar-coated
– Tropical fruit flavor
*Option with Melatonin available

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Amberwing Organics Apple gummies Amberwing Organics
Green Apple Vegan
CBD Gummies
 – 20 mg hemp-derived CBD per gummy (medium-strong)
– 30 gummies (600mg CBD total)
– Full Spectrum

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 Sunday Scaries CBD gummies Sunday Scaries 
CBD Gummies
With Vitamins D3 and B12
– 10 mg per gummy (light)
– 20 counts
– Contains 400 IU of Vitamin D3 and 6.2mcg of Vitamin B12, both 100% of daily value
-Assorted orange, cherry, pineapple, lemon and apple flavors
– No THC, Gluten free, non-GMO, Lab tested

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JustCBD CBD Gummies Vegan 300mg Dragon-Fruit JustCBD
CBD Gummies – Vegan
300mg CBD per jar
10mg CBD per bear (light)
– Vibrant flavor profile created by 100% real fruit juice and pure organic cane sugar
– 3rd party lab tested

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 PurCBD vegan gummies PURELY 300mg CBD Vegan Gummies – 10 mg CBD per gummy (light)
– 30 counts
– THC free

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 Avida Raspberry Relax CBD Gummies  Avida CBD Broad Spectrum Gummies
360 mg
– 10 mg per piece (light)
– 36 servings
– Broad Spectrum
– Buy 4 pack assorted flavors bundle and save 15%
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CBD:CBG Pain Relief Gummies
– High-quality CBD and CBG from organic Colorado-grown hemp
700mg CBD + 300mg CBG per jar (30ct), 25mg CBD and 10mg CBG per gummy (high potency)
– Vegan, gluten free
– Mixed Berry flavor
– 3rd party lab tested, made in the USA

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CBD FX original gummies  CBD FX 300 mg Original Broad Spectrum
– 5 mg CBD per gummy (very light)
– 60 gummies
– Broad spectrum (THC free)
– Assorted flavors
– Option with melatonin available

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Reakiro-CBD-Vegan-Gummies-Cherry-750mg Reakiro
CBD Vegan Gummies
– 750 mg CBD per container | 30 pcs
– Each gummie contains 25mg of CBD (strong) and there are no mind-altering effects, only wellness benefits
– Broad-spectrum CBD formula, sugar-free, vegan
– Remarkable flavor

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Advantages of Vegan CBD Gummies

Gummies have become one of the most popular ways to take CBD for two clear reasons: bioavailability and taste. Each plays a significant factor in delivering actual results to every user. There have been countless administration methods hyped up only to fizzle out; gummies have remained because they work.  


The most significant challenge in the cannabinoid hemp industry is getting a substantial amount of CBD into the bloodstream without adverse side effects. Smoking and vaping CBD have by far the highest absorption and bioavailability rates; however, inhaling hot smoke every day may cause more problems than solutions.

Gummies are so easily broken down that much of the CBD gets absorbed sublingually. Before the CBD gets a chance to make it to the liver, it is already in the bloodstream and is distributed throughout the body.


Experience results usually require taking CBD daily. This is why taste is so important. If you don’t enjoy taking your CBD because the flavor is off-putting, you are much less likely to take the product consistent enough to notice results.

Most people don’t have any issue with eating their vegan CBD gummies. However, if you pick a high-quality brand, you will most likely have to restrain yourself from eating them all in one sitting.


Buying a vegan product is always a plus. Gummies may not seem like they are made from animal parts but the key ingredient, gelatin, is typically made from pig skin. Vegan gummies are much harder to make but a significantly more ethical product. 

CBD Gummies for Pain

Pain is a complex phenomenon that doesn’t have a quick fix. Proving that CBD is an effective pain treatment has been difficult; however, countless anecdotal accounts tell us that hemp-derived cannabinoids are a viable solution.

DaVita and Syracuse did the most recent research on CBD for pain. Researchers tested CBD along with a placebo as a control. The researchers concluded that the results were very promising, saying that CBD “made it less unpleasant – it didn’t bother them as much.”

CBD Gummies for Anxiety

We have much more reliable research regarding CBD for anxiety. One promising study was done by Colorado State University and looked at how CBD can combat sleep and anxiety. The results were incredible, showing improved anxiety scores by over 60% in just one month.

How to Use Vegan CBD Gummies

The study done in Colorado demonstrates the most effective way to use CBD. Patients were given a single dose every day for months, monitored their results, and adjusted dosing accordingly. Because CBD hasn’t been FDA approved to treat pain or anxiety, we must experiment with different doses and types of CBD to see how our body responds.

We recommend taking a dose under 20mg every day for the first couple of weeks. Then, monitor results and increase the dosage by 10mg each week if desired. Most people find their ideal dose between 25-75mg.