Can CBD oil help reduce stretch marks?

Stretch marks are something that we all have to some extent. While some of us have more than others, the vast majority of people have at least a few stretch marks somewhere on their bodies. In fact, it is estimated that 90% of us have stretch marks. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the occurrence of stretch marks is considered a completely natural part of a completely natural body, the bulk of people would like to transfer their own stretch marks to a minimum number.

Stretch marks are basically scars on the skin, which are folded in the form of stripes. You can’t categorically prevent or forever be free of stretch marks. At the very least, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of their formation and help your existing stretch marks disappear.

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are commonly caused by 4 factors:

  • rapid growth,
  • psychological wellbeing issues,
  • weight gain,
  • pregnancy.

Growth spurts are a fairly common part of growing up. It happens when little ones grow up at one point significantly faster than usual. But it’s not entirely clear, is that surges of rebound tend to happen more often in the spring than at other times of the year. The teenage years are still filled with surges of lifting.

Rapid weight gain may occur for a number of reasons. Often the premise is considered puberty. During puberty, hormonal changes sometimes lead to a significant increase in weight in a short period of time.

Psychological stability is extremely important for human health, including weight gain and loss. It is known that depression and anxiety disorders in particular lead to eating disorders and the weight gain (or rapid loss) they may cause. Some physiological illnesses, such as diabetes, are also commonly associated with weight gain.

Pregnancy is absolutely one of the most magical periods in a lady’s life, but it is clear that it also comes with risks and always has certain impact on the future mother’s health. The occurrence of stretch marks during pregnancy is a very common thing. The very sharp growth of the “baby bump” in such a short period of time often results in stretching.

When stretching happens, it leaves marks that look like parallel parts along the skin. The most fascinating thing about this is that everyone’s grades are different. While some develop them horizontally on the back, others have vertical marks along the hips, and moms tend to develop them straight across the tummy.

The best way to heal stretch marks

It is absolutely normal to try to reduce the chances of getting stretch marks. It is also normal, and possible, to deal with the consequences of stretch marks if you already got them, especially if they appear in a fairly noticeable spot, for example on the shoulders. While people usually turn to creams and lotions designed specifically for stretch marks, those are not always helpful. In this case, laser treatment may be the best option.

Laser treatments use the light of highly sensitive lasers to lift the microscopic layers of skin around the mark. As a result of the procedure, the body generates fresh layers of healthy skin to replace the initial mark. Laser therapy inherently initiates the body to heal the stretch marks themselves.

Does CBD Oil have any effect on stretch marks?

Studies show flattering results on CBD as a form of skin healing. Experts have proven that CBD can help improve skin elasticity and, therefore, might be useful to help prevent cellulite and stretch marks. This is due to the fact that thanks to more than a decade of research CBD and cannabis plant specialists were able to identify the positive effects of CBD on the skin, which allowed CBD manufacturers to develop efficient skin topicals with cannabidiol, that nurture, moisturize and reinforce our skin and combat aging, stretch marks, burns and scarring.

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How to prevent stretch marks

Prevention is always better than curing, isn’t it? However, preventing stretch marks is not always easy, but there are ways to minimize the negative effects of skin stretching by using moisturizers. Specially formulated lotions and creams have all the chances to help your skin produce collagen and elastin. Exploring products containing collagen and elastin and using them richly on those areas of your body where stretch marks are most often seen is considered a great preventive step. CBD enriched creams are known for its excellent moisturizing and calming effects, and would be a great addition to your anti stretch mark routine.

At the very least, the best method to take care of your own skin, regardless of the condition of your skin, is from within. A balanced diet, a rich daily water intake, and a meticulous skincare regimen are usually enough to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.