Can Yoga & CBD Come Together?

According to the owner of the yoga studio, there is a new line of products on the shelves of Yoga Art Music in Lake Highlands. The studio strives to introduce the hemp and CBD industry to their clients.
Studio owner Jen Johnson started a line of hemp-derived oils, lotions and gel capsules (the Growing Tree CBD) practically the same time her yoga studio opened in Luckeridge Village. After more than a year of online sales, the products were unveiled in the studio this summer and the shelves were full this month. Customers say the THC-free Growing Tree CBD hemp-based products relieve pain, improve sleep and help you stay calm. The most demanded products include Everyday Om Lemongrass Lotion, Savasana Menthol Muscle Washer and Namaste People CBD Drops. Each product is tested by a local laboratory to ensure the quoted amount of CBD is accurate, she said. Growing Tree CBD is supplied by GenCanna, Kentucky.
Similar to Y.A.M.’s goal, Johnson said Growing Tree CBD wants to bring peace to the neighborhood and community. These two businesses are a love affair for Johnson, who is also a full-time corporate finance employee. She expects that Growing Tree CBD products can helpt the yoga studio to stay alive despite the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.