More than half of 232 women selected for the Mid-Age Veteran Women’s Health Survey in Northern Carolina, stated unpleasant symptoms of menopause. About 27 percent of interviewed women  reported that they were using or currently taking cannabis to treat the unpleasant menopausal effects. About 10 percent of participants said that theyโ€™re interested in trying the CBD to deal with menopause symptoms. Using a traditional method of treating the menopausal symptoms was reported only by 19 percent of women.

โ€œThe results we got, indicate that treating menopausal symptoms using cannabis may suit almost everyone. However, we still do not know if using cannabis is safe or effective enough for treating menopausal symptoms as a main cure. We also canโ€™t claim whether women announce their decision to take cannabis as a treatment with their doctors. Especially in Virginia, where cannabis is still considered illegal, the situation must be reviewed very legibly.  We believe that this information is important and helpful to many scientists and physicians, so the researches in this field should be continuedโ€ said Carolyn Gibson, Ph.D., M.A., psychologist, the lead author of the research, and health services researcher from the San Francisco, Virginia health system.

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