Does cbd help me focus

CBD for energy: Does cannabidiol help you focus?

Long-term illnesses, stress, sleep deprivation, poor diet – all of that can influence your focus, concentration, and energy level. And if you do not do anything about this, in a long term, it will definitely affect your everyday life.

Some people believe that cannabidiol (CBD) can actually increase your energy and concentration levels. In the article by Murillo-Rodriguez E, Sarro-Ramirez A, Sanchez D, et al. on ‘Potential effects of cannabidiol as a wake-promoting agent’ (2014), it is stated that CBD might be promotive of liveliness in some cases. But, of course, further researches should be carried out.

The effects of CBD on focus and energy

Research suggests that cannabidiol may be used to manage following conditions:

In all mentioned cases, CBD might reduce the symptoms, help you with sleep issues, boost your energy level, and improve your mood. What is more, it can work as a painkiller, especially if you struggle with intractable and/or debilitating pain.

With all these symptoms being reduced, you can feel more energized and actually concentrate on things and tasks you need to do. But remember that CBD is not a cure. It cannot help you to recover completely. 

Other effects of cannabidiol

Regarding the mood, for example, CBD may also reduce the symptoms of melancholy, depression, and other psychological health problems. Besides, it influences your overall health, improving, and maintaining it. Last but not least, it is about your memory. As an antioxidative agent, CBD protects nerve cells and supports the regeneration of the new glial cells of the brain. Such effects might boost and maintain your memory

The proper use of CBD for affecting energy and concentration

The use of cannabidiol for boosting energy and concentration differs depending on the product you choose and your physical parameters. The CBD goods are manufactured in various forms, ranging from capsules to energy drinks.

Depending on what product you have chosen for your specific needs, you should follow all the prescriptions on the label and should not exceed the dose pointed out on the packaging. But make sure that the product contains less than 0.3% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Also, you should be able to check out the certificate of analysis (COA).

While CBD alone might not give you the energy boost, special formulations that contains a mix of energy-boosting ingredients along with cannabidiol, are designed specifically for that reason. For instance, Medterra’s Liposomal CBD + good morning capsules contain an energising mix of CBD and turmeric, ginger, ashwagandha, and maca, to support your day to day activities.

Good Morning Liposomal CBD+ capsules

– High-quality CBD from organically grown Kentucky hemp
25mg of CBD per serving (1 capsule),

30 capsules per jar, total 750mg CBD
– Isolated CBD (THC free)
– Contains Caffeine (40mg per serving), Proprietary Liposomal Blend: Turmeric root, Ginger root, and Maca root extracts, Ashwagandha root powder (185mg of blend per serving),
Vitamin B6 & Vitamin B12
– Proprietary Liposomal delivery: up to a 17x increase of bioavailability, and up to 10x faster absorption
– To provide a balanced, focused boost to start your day (improving brain function & wakefulness)
– Vegan, non-GMO, zero contaminants, no pesticides
– 3rd party lab tested, GMP and U.S. Hemp Authority™ certified

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Alternatives to CBD for energy boosting

There are other options that may help you stay energized. They are the following:

  • Caffeine: after making it into the brain, caffeine blocks inhibitory transmitters, increasing the level of energy. Moderate daily caffeine intake is not going to harm you, however, overdoing caffeine may have a negative impact on your health
  • Ashwagandha: it is a medicative herb that helps reduce stress, promote focus, and boost your energy level
  • Healthy diet: eating whole grains and plenty of fruits and vegetables is beneficial for your health in general, and it is what gets you energy in the first place. A healthy plate gives you various vitamins and nutritive matters that are essential for keeping you energized
  • Water: liquid is important for maintaining energy levels. Hydration supports your overall health as it is badly needed for every cell in the body to work properly

Final thoughts

Stress, anxiety and lack of sleep often lead to lack of concentration and focus. While CBD alone does not give you immediate energy boost, it may have a positive impact on the quality of your sleep and overall mood. When looking for daytime supplements with cannabidiol, pay attention to the blends developed specifically to promote energy during the day. Make sure you’re buying from a reliable brand that uses organic growing practices and  gives easy access to COA certificates for each product. Check out our list of Featured Brands that are transparent about their manufacturing practices and appreciated by thousands of happy customers.