CBD While Breastfeeding

Can You Take CBD While Breastfeeding?

As CBD becomes more prominent in our everyday lives, we have to confront issues relating to consistent use beyond general safety concerns. We know that CBD is well tolerated by humans (and animals) and won’t deliver the notorious high associated with marijuana. Still, when children or newly born babies come into the picture, we have to be very careful about what is going into their bodies.

We don’t recommend giving CBD to women breast feeding because we don’t have the data to suggest it is safe. While CBD is regarded as well tolerated in humans by the WHO, there are rare instances of adverse effects detrimental to a newly born child.

Does CBD Show Up in Breast Milk?

CBD will show up in the breast milk and make its way into the newborn baby’s bloodstream. Unlike THC, which has been proven to alter developing brains negatively, there isn’t any data to suggest CBD use has the same consequences.

One of the biggest concerns is damaging the liver. Since CBD’s rise in popularity, retailers and government agencies have warned about the effect on the liver after regular CBD use. However, a new study by Validcare, working in conjunction with the FDA, conducted a seven-month analysis with 839 participants evaluating the effects of CBD and the liver. Contrary to the industry-wide belief, the preliminary study reported they ‘observed to date is no clinical evidence of liver disease in any participants.’

The Validcare study results are promising but still not enough evidence to give pregnant or breastfeeding women the green light.

What Does the FDA Say?

Even though the FDA was involved in the CBD and liver damage study, their position hasn’t changed. The ‘FDA strongly advises against the use of cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and marijuana in any form during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.’

Due to CBD’s close relationship with marijuana, we are doubtful the FDA will ever recommend giving CBD to women while breastfeeding or children. Therefore, unless we are given a significant amount of clinical research to suggest otherwise, we agree with the FDA and suggest avoiding all cannabis products if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Cannabis and Children

Giving cannabis to kids has been a highly debated issue since the early days of cannabis prohibition. In some cases, THC is prescribed to children suffering from the adverse side effects of cancer drugs, autism, anxiety, or hyperactivity. Doctors see the benefits outweighing the negative effects of the drug.

CBD, on the other hand, is commonly given to kids. While they aren’t allowed to buy the products from a retail store, there isn’t an age limit restricting anyone from using or possessing CBD. However, parents should exercise caution. There are instances of parents having to deal with CPS after giving their child CBD to treat a medical condition.

At What Age Can You Take|Buy CBD?

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Can Pregnant Women Use CBD Safely?

Newly pregnant women are facing some of the most stressful and uncomfortable times of their lives. We completely understand the urge to use CBD during pregnancy, especially if they are accustomed to taking a daily dose of cannabidiol.

Based on the available information, we can’t recommend using CBD during pregnancy. Until we have more data, we suggest following the FDA’s guidelines and waiting until after the pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

A Call for More Research

Like most complex discussions about CBD or cannabis, the conclusion ends at we need more data. Unfortunately, we are far behind where we should be in understanding CBD, but we are making up for the lost time in recent years. For now, we urge new mothers to wait until they stop breastfeeding to get back on their CBD regimen.