CBG vs CBD, apart or combined?

With each passing year, our knowledge of cannabis and cannabinoids has been deepening. And if CBD is well-known among consumers, CBG is just starting to receive attention.

What does CBG stand for?

CBG is short for cannabigerol – a decarboxylated form of cannabigerolic acid. It is one of the many cannabinoids found in hemp. Available researches of CBG give evidence of cannabigerol holding analgesic properties without the dopey hit. They also pass an opinion that CBG exhibits anti-carcinogenic, antidepressant and anti-bacterial characteristics. Cannabigerol might actuate sensory cells that influence pain, inflammatory state, and sensitivity to heat.

Most hemp plants contain CBG in a low dosage. Bur recently, cultigens rich in cannabigerol have appeared, known as the fifth type. They are not widespread in the consumer’s market, but being actively planted.

cbg and cbd

What does CBD stand for?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, found in high doses in the second and the third types of cannabis plants. In a purified form, it exhibits anti-inflammatory, analgesic, calmative, anti-nausea and anti-convulsive properties. CBD might alleviate anxiety, paranoia, and delayed cognitive function as well.

Cannabidiol influences the endocannabinoid system mainly through the CB1 and CB2 synaptic sites. Its ways of affecting the organism are still not completely researched.

Cannabigerol and cannabidiol: what is the dissimilarity?

CBG varies from CBD in a few aspects:

  • All cannabinoids are different in their molecular structures, regarding the quantity and arrangement of H, C, and O atoms. It means that due to dissimilar shapes CBD and CBG influence the body each in their own way.
  • Cannabinoids work on synaptic sites differently. Let’s take the 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor as an example. All indications are that CBD exhibits the anti-nausea qualities through its resemblance with the synaptic site, acting as a booster. CBG, in another vein, behaves as a blocking agent at the serotonin receptor.
  • Cannabinoids are considered to stimulate your appetite. Some researches comment that CBG encourages to eat more than necessary. At another point, CBD seems to decrease the total food consumption.

CBG in combination with CBD

There are lots of researches reporting that when you use various cannabinoids in a blend, it has more beneficial effects. When you consume CBG in combination with CBD, they bring each other into balance. Cannabigerol acts directly on the sensory cells. Meantime, cannabidiol stimulates the biocatalyst that produces endocannabinoids. CBG of itself can cause doziness. CBD, in its turn, can make you feel energized. So, when used together, the effect is pretty balanced.

List of products containing cannabigerol

1. CBG Flower

CBG flower is basically a hemp flower rich in CBG. Cannabigerol flower provides the body with the mentioned cannabinoid, which acts on cell CB1 and CB2 sensory cells. By using these receptors, CBG is able to offer its health-supporting effects we have talked about earlier.

Snow White CBG Hemp Flower 3.5g

– CBG rich hemp flower strain from Oregon
–  100% hand trimmed buds
– Organic, non-GMO, pesticides free, no additives
– Less than 0.3% THC
– Light aroma: diesel-like smell, berries, citrus, earthy, fruity, lemon scents
– For calm, clarity, focus, and relax
– 3rd-party lab tested

Hempcuts Snow_White CBG hemp flower

2. Cannabigerol Oil

CBG oil offers anxiolytic action, as it relaxes the nerves in the body. Some consumers say that cannabigerol oil helps them to sleep better and improves their overall health.

There are isolated CBG oils to experience the effects of CBG alone, and then there’re oils that combine both CBG and CBD, usually in equal proportion. This promotes a high “entourage effect” (effective combination of several cannabinoids) and increases the oil influence.

CBG + CBD 1:1 ratio Tincture

– Cannabinoids derived from organically grown Kentucky hemp
– The unique potent 1:1 ratio blend of CBG to CBD
– Available in strengths of 1000mg (500mg CBG + 500mg CBD) and 2000mg (1000mg CBG + 1000mg CBD) per 30 ml (1 fl oz) bottle: 16.6mg CBG + 16.6mg CBD and 33.3mg of CBG + 33.3mg of CBD per 1ml serving respectively
– Contains CBG Isolate Extract, CBD Isolate Extract, and MCT Oil (Coconut derived)
– Non-GMO, THC free
– Citrus flavor
– 0.25, 0.50, 0.75 and 1mL markers on dropper
– 3rd-party lab tested

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Medterra CBD + CBG Oil Tincture

3. CBG capsules

Cannabigerol hemp oil capsules usually include just two ingredients. They are a carrier oil (coconut oil or grapeseed oil, for example), and CBG isolate, rich in terpenes, flavonoids and important for our organisms fatty acids. Such capsules are considered to help with providing mental acuity and focus, and also increasing energy levels.

CBG Cannabigerol softgels

– High quality, pure, hemp-derived CBG Isolate
– 20mg of CBG per softgel, 30 counts per jar (total 600mg CBG) – Extra Strength
– Available in Regular Strength (10mg of CBG per softgel, 300mg of CBG per 30 servings jar) and CBD+CBG Balanced Ratio 1:1 version (10mg CBD + 10mg CBG per softgel, total 600mg CBD+CBG per bottle)
– Less than 0.3% THC, pesticides free
– Infused with Grapeseed Oil
– Easy to control dosage
–  To support a healthy endocannabinoid system and wellness, to regulate mood
– 3rd-party lab tested, made in the USA

procana cbg capsules

4. CBG Powder

Cannabigerol (isolate) powder is extracted from cannabis flowers. Just picked hemp flowers are tested for cannabigerol concentration level and then taken to the extraction lab station. After that, the flower are placed either in a supercritical CO2 extraction system or into a distillation plant. These units produce a clean cannabigerol distil oil. The oil is then purified using esculent and non-GMO ethanol to refine the CBG oil and purify it into CBG isolate. The final stage is purifying the CBG isolate from the ethanol using a rotative vaporizing mechanism or placed in an oven at low temperatures to remove the ethyl hydroxide.

CBG Isolate High Purity Powder – 1 gram

– The purest form of CBG derived from US-grown hemp (natural farming practices)
960mg+ of isolated CBG per 1 gram jar
–  Using Oil extracted from aerial plant parts
– Zero THC
– Non-GMO, pesticides and solvents free, no additives
– To create your own CBG product – mix into your food & beverages, cook with it, or add to your favorite topicals
– You can use desired serving of CBG
– For healthy equilibrium and homeostasis
– 3rd-party lab tested

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CBDistillery CBG Powder

5. Cannabigerol vape cartridge

As a rule, a 1ml cartridge contains about 700 mg of CBG. The main ingredients for cannabigerol vape cartridge are CBG isolate, MCT oil, terpenes and natural oil flavoring (which is optional).

Delta 8 + CBG Vape Cartridge – Sour Diesel 1ml

– High quality unique blend, combines ones of the newest and most potent ingredients on the market – Delta 8 THC with CBG
– 1 ml cartridge, contains 70% Delta-8 + 30% CBG
–  From US-grown organic hemp
– Made in pharmaceutical-grade labs
– Less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC
–  Available options:
 Sour Diesel (Sativa) – Energizing & Uplifting effects; peppery, citrus, herbal, diesel-like aromas
Blue Dream (Sativa Hybrid) – Focus | Clarity | Uplifting| Motivating effects; sweet berry flavor
GSC (Hybrid) – Uplifting | Calming | Clarity | Relaxing effects; sweet, earthy, spicy scents
OG Kush (Indica) – Uplifting| Motivating | Clarity effects;  earthy, spicy, pine undertones
– 3rd-party lab tested

Natures8 Delta 8 + CBG Vape Cart

Final thoughts

CBD and CBG are both cannabinoids naturally found in hemp plant, and both are non psychotropic and won’t give you any intoxicating feeling. While each of them separately is thought to have beneficial properties for human health, the two cannabinoids are also often used as a mix. A full spectrum CBD oil, while having the closest cannabinoid structure to the original plant, does not normally contain much cannabigerol. That is why, a balanced product that contains equal doses of CBD and CBG, would be the best option for those looking to try both famous cannabinoids in a balanced tincture of pill formulation.