Do CBD Gummies Really Deal With Anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the most common mental illnesses. Its severity can range from mild to downright debilitating, sometimes leading to complete panic attacks. Solutions to keep this in check range from meditation and exercise to medications or maybe even CBD.

Indeed, organic CBD continues to gain recognition as a potential anti-anxiety solution. While you’ve probably read about it, you might be curious about how to use it in the real world. Maybe you are struggling with anxiety and want to give it a try, but for some reasons hesitate.

An article was recently posted on the Ladders website. The author discusses CBD in detail and also talks about her decision to try CBD gummies to gauge the impact they might have on her happiness, mental well-being, and emotions.

Verdict? The author stated that the CBD gummies really helped relieve anxiety. However, she cautioned that this can cause a feeling of sleepiness, similar to being “very relaxed.” Since CBD is also used for pain relief, feeling relaxed or drowsy makes sense. The author also mentions that she talked to friends who also use CBD to relieve anxiety, and they, too, “agree that it really helps.”

If you are thinking about using CBD for anxiety relief, you might consider starting with a low dosage and see what works for you. You may also find that something like a tincture works better than gummies. Remember to always talk to your doctor before taking any CBD products.