Elite Athletes Choose CBD as an Alternative Pain Reliever

Elite athletes Klay Thompson, Alex Morgan, Travis Pastrana and Paul Rodriguez have teamed up to start their own CBD brand.
The Just Live is a THC-free line of products that is aimed at fitness enthusiasts and active people who are looking for a way to create an alternative for traditional medical pain relievers. The initial range includes pills, broad spectrum drops, capsules, softgels and vitamin C gummies.
On their exclusive interview, Thompson, Morgan, Pastrana, and Rodriguez stated that they are not the only famous athletes working for the company. Just Live brand is also looking forward on the support of investors such as snowboarder, Olympic gold medalist Jamie Anderson, Olympic gold medalist in slopestyle Sage Kozenburg and others. According to NBA player Thompson, “Just Live was born out of a desire to find natural forms of recovery and pain relief.”
However, this team of athletes is far from being pioneers. The effectiveness of cannabis use has been confirmed by sports professionals who use such alternative relaxation methods and are not afraid to claim it.
The first was Michael Phelps is the greatest athlete, swimmer, record holder. He admitted that he used cannabis in the off-season to give his body a rest. Michael noticed that he was strongly against drug use and used small doses of cannabis only to eliminate fatigue and pain.
Basketball player LeBron James has spoken out in favor of allowing marijuana in the NBA, purely as a remedy. Indeed, many basketball players have to constantly suffer from pain after injuries and overload. The right approach to such non-standard treatment, according to James, would help improve the situation.