Hemp Burger is Coming Soon

Researchers at Lund University in Sweden may have been the first in the world to successfully implement “chewing resistance” in hemp-based meats.

According to food researcher Karolina Östbring, hemp proteins have been cooked at high temperatures and pressures to create a leaner meaty texture, making the products more appealing to consumers.

Now researchers are hoping for the same success with canola. Östbring says hemp and canola can provide more than half of the protein requirement.

Residues arising from the production of rapeseed oil, rapeseed meal, contain more proteins than meat. Despite its high protein content, rapeseed meal has a bitter taste and is mainly used in feed, but researchers are working to overcome the bitter taste.

Swedish researchers aren’t the only ones exploring the possibilities of hemp-based meat. In July, three New Zealand companies announced the development of a line of hemp-based foods, including a hemp substitute.