How Cannabis Effect Differs Depending on Gender and Sex?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently announced a public meeting in November. The conference is dedicated to CBD effects depending on gender and sex differences.

The FDA’s Women’s Health Administration also highlighted that the interest in CBD and other marijuana and cannabis derivatives continues to grow. So, there is a need to study the science of these cannabinoids in the context of sex and gender. Especially, the agency is concerned about using such medicines when it comes to cannabis use among pregnant women.

The Food and Drug Administration calls all researchers, scientists, educators, doctors and patients to join the conference in order to learn more about the substance and its usage. The scientific conference will help to “look at the perspectives of patients and healthcare providers on CBD and other cannabinoid use, gender differences in exposure to CBD”.

Dealing with marijuana usage in the USA is a very popular topic especially when it comes to pharmacy and medicine. The more professionals will take part in this public event, the more solutions and viewpoints will be shared.