How to Use CBD Patches?

The CBD patch is activated by the heat from your skin after application. The cannabinoid formulation enters the skin through a drug concentration gradient. This is where the compounds from the high concentration area (the patch) travel to the low concentration area (your skin).

For example, consider adding hot water to a cool bath. At first, one part of the bath will feel warmer, but over time the temperature will even out. This is due to the fact that heat will naturally spread to the surrounding area. Likewise, with transdermal patches, CBD will be pulled from a high concentration area within the patch to a low concentration area across the skin surface. When delivered this way, CBD can bypass your liver and stomach. This means that it is not subject to the “first pass effect” and delivers more of the active ingredient to your system.

In addition to offering a way to bypass the first pass effect, ensuring you get more “bang for your buck,” patches offer other benefits.

Depending on where you choose to place the patch, this method of administration can be extremely discrete – especially when compared to products like tinctures and vapes. The patches also offer convenience – a precise dose in a small package that you can simply put on and not worry about it for up to 24 hours!

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