Kristen Bell Explains Why She Gave Up Recreational Marijuana

The Golden Globe-nominated star is married to actor Dax Shepard and the couple have two children. They are still working in Hollywood. But ever since they became parents, Bell and Shepard have insisted on putting children first.

For Bell, this means giving up past habits, such as recreational marijuana use. However, she is still heavily invested in promoting CBD products, which she insists have “changed” her “mental self-care.”

Many celebrities, from Willie Nelson to Lady Gaga, admit to using marijuana to help manage stress, relax and avoid alcohol. But in 2018, Bell faced a lot of criticism for her position in favor of the bank.

While Bell still defends the benefits of marijuana, she said she won’t get high in front of her kids. “Since I am always with my children, I have no opportunity [to use recreational marijuana]. But I will honestly say that if I had a choice, I would rather use marijuana in any form than try anything. I’m just not a fan of alcohol.”