Marijuana and Athletes

The notion that cannabis use makes people passive and lazy has been contradicted not only by the latest scientific research but also by the experiences of many fitness growers. A significant part of marijuana lovers is actively involved in sports. And not only does it but includes cannabis in the schedule of stress and recovery in order to best motivate oneself to perform monotonous exercises. Or vice versa – get the most complete relaxation after intense training. According to these athletes, the idea of ​​combining marijuana and sports has the following benefits:

  • Positive attitude during training;
  • Increased concentration on exercise;
  • Increased motivation;
  • More relaxation during the recovery period;
  • Pain relief after injuries and intense training;
  • Faster fat burning.

Some of these advantages are quite obvious, others require more careful consideration, but on the whole, they are all confirmed by practice. Much, of course, depends on the correct cannabis variety and the individual characteristics of the athlete. The effects of cannabis appear in different ways in different people.