Meet the UK-based Entrepreneur Building a Global CBD Brand

The cannabidiol (CBD) market in the UK is growing rapidly. Starting from inaction three years ago, when CBD was reclassified as a drug by regulators, according to Savills research, it is now worth £300 million a year, with sales expected to reach £1 billion by 2025. The decision of large stores such as Holland & Barrett, Boots and Lloyds Pharmacy to stock up on an assortment of CBD products has helped the industry to shake off the stigma still associated with the broader cannabis market for many consumers, and the number of users is doubling each year.

Enter Infused Amphora is led by serial entrepreneur Angus Taylor, who has built one of the most successful retail brands since the legalization of cannabis in Canada two years ago. Today, the company is launching its CBD health venture in the UK, which it hopes will be a foothold towards building a global brand in an industry that remains highly fragmented.

Infused Amphora’s CBD products come in vape cartridges with a choice of four different flavours that users can choose according to their needs and moods. The venture is the result of a collaboration with California-based vaping company Vessel Brand, which has developed a custom cartridge that the company hopes will set its brand apart from other UK vaping products.