Missouri City is About to Benefit on Medical Marijuana

Armed guards and a barbed-wire fence are the only signs of being inside a simple metal building behind the police station. As you travel through the city, you would rather notice a quaint town square or 36-acre public park than this beige windowless building nestled in a quiet industrial park.

But this facility, unmarked on the outside, is at the forefront of the state’s newest industry. And people across Carrollton, home to some 3,600 people, are counting on big economic growth from an unlikely source. Inside this building, workers are carefully tending the green sea of ​​potted plants under a canopy of blinding lights. The smell is unmistakable.

C4, short for Carroll County Cannabis Co., is expecting its first medical marijuana crop this week, bringing legal retail marijuana closer to patients for the first time in Missouri’s history. The Kansas City Star reports that founder Ty Klein is a native of Carrollton and has decided to return home, taking the marijuana business with him.

Missouri has approved growing facilities and dispensaries across the state, in both urban areas and small communities. But Klein believes Carrollton is ready to become a marijuana mecca. His company won three coveted licenses to grow marijuana in two buildings and another license to manufacture marijuana-infused products such as gummies and cakes. A separate plant for cultivation and production will open nearby.