Montana Voters Are Ready to Legalize Marijuana

The poll asked for a simplified version of what voters would see on election day. Rather than asking about both measures – one legislative proposal for legalization and a separate amendment to the constitution to codify that only people 21 and older can access the market – the question reads: “A state vote will ask about legalizing recreational marijuana in Montana. Will you vote for legalization or against? “

As is typical of cannabis polls, more Democrats (70 percent) are in favor of policy change compared to Republicans (27 percent). 59% of the independents were in favor of legalization. The results also show that legalization is supported by most age groups, except for those 60 and older, with voters aged 18-29 supporting it by a margin of almost three to one.

“The fate of legalizing marijuana boils down to three factors: how unknowing respondents split, independent voters and the presence of young voters at polling stations,” said analysts at Montana State University (MSU). “Right now, 49 percent of respondents generally indicated that they will vote for legalization – 10 points more than those who will not.”

Nonetheless, proponents of legalization have to work to win over those voters who are still undecided by the time election day approaches. The analysis also stated that legalization initiatives could involve younger voters in the polls, which could benefit Democratic candidates who also appear on the ballots.