New CBD Store Opens at Creekside Station

John and Nina Gately have experienced the positive effects of CBD on their family, and they are inspired to share the experience with others. The Gately family owns Your CBD Store in Warrenton and they have now opened a Your CBD store in Winchester at Creekside Station.

CBD is a beneficial substance found in cannabis. It has many beneficial therapeutic features, as well as anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, soothing, and cramps suppressing properties. As of March, John said that he and his wife helped some people to open a store in Gainesville and explored more about the products by working with them to launch the store. John’s parents began to consume certain foods to relieve pain and other ailments, and the couple used them as well.

When they started seeing positive results, they decided they wanted to open their own store.

“It really inspires us. “We can’t sell what we don’t believe in,” John said. “When we found it worked, we thought we could really help others.”

The family also said the Winchester store, which opened Friday, is one of approximately 700 stores nationwide.