Recreational Marijuana Will Come Into Highland Park

On Tuesday, the Highland Park City Council approved a regulation with a small 4: 3 vote that will allow cannabis dispensaries to apply to open a store in the city’s industrial area.

In addition, this measure includes a change that will not allow the dispensary to be located within 1,500 feet of certain facilities, including schools or day care centers. This measure was originally intended to be 1000 feet.

Officials described it as a “permit decree” that states that retail sale of cannabis is allowed in the city’s light industry zoning, the agenda item says. The regulation does not allow the use of cannabis in the territory.

But during and after the meeting, city officials said there are currently no pending applications from any of the dispensaries in Highland Park.

“(The ordinance) allows the applicant … to be able to apply to the city to establish retail sales of cannabis,” said city manager Gida Neukirch. “If the business is interested, they now know what process they need to undertake.”

In addition, the city council is expected to vote on a potential retail tax of up to 3% at its next meeting. City officials recommended levying taxes close to the state’s limit, which they said was similar to what neighboring municipalities are doing.