Smooth Roots Brings CBD Craze in Newtown County

Smooth Roots CBD which is located next to John’s Barber, opened its doors this summer with a full line of CBD products. Their assortment includes oils, cosmetics, and foods made from the cannabinoids. This natural remedy is getting more and more popular across the country, has also found fans among people seeking relief from many common issues like anxiety, stress, and chronic pain to menstrual cramps and insomnia.

Dave Leib, who owns and operates the fourth store in the blossoming Lehigh Valley chain, said he decided to relocate the store to Newtown after using the products to successfully treat his PTSD.

“For eight years, I took nine pills a day,” said Leib, who had four business trips abroad. “I was able to get rid of them by taking the natural route with CBD and medical cannabis.” Now, a Newtown resident is educating Smooth Roots customers about the benefits of the products, which he says can help address a range of different issues, from anxiety, chronic pain, and depression to inflammation, insomnia, and weight loss. The store has a full line of natural CBD hemp oils including brands such as State, Select, Koi Naturals, Montel, Yin Yang, CBD Living, Irie CBD, and Sacred Herb.