Springfield’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Open on Election Day

“Cannabis is for everyone,” says Old Route 66 Wellness owner John Lopez. He and his team worked for months to open a medical marijuana dispensary. “When people enter, they take a certain number of seats and then sit down,” he said.

Not only for security reasons, but also for reasons of a pandemic, people are only allowed to stay in the dispensary in small groups.

Lopez said, “The patient will come in. They will be greeted by a “bud tender”. They will be able to talk about which strains help with their specific diseases. “

The dispensary offers a travel card similar to that of a pharmacy or bank. Lopez says the system could be the first in the country.

“This is a completely virus-free type of match. Unlike other drives, the window does not open. The only thing they have is that we are throwing the project into the tray, ”he explained. The facility south of Glenstone is heavily guarded. “We have 54 cameras. Every inch inside and parking is covered, ”explained Lopez.

Old Route 66 Wellness works with a manufacturer based in Carollton. “They have higher THC levels. We are going to offer it at a lower price, ”he said. Lopez says the community has so far welcomed the idea of ​​using marijuana legally for medical purposes. “We had no resistance at all,” he said. My pastor wrote a letter of recommendation to the state. We had three letters of recommendation. I have several church members who are on my team. ” He says the potting industry, along with health professionals, have come a long way to prove the plant’s benefits.

“People, religious or non-religious, see the science behind how cannabis is, and that becomes the basis for people’s decisions,” Lopez said.

You can’t just go out and buy groceries at the marijuana pharmacy. To be prescribed marijuana, your doctor must do a test. The Old Route 66 Wellness Center will open its doors to the public on Tuesday, November 3rd.