Students Use CBD to Deal With Stress

It’s no secret that since the start of the lockdown, the world has undergone major changes. In March, WHO stated that the pandemic became one of the most widespread stress and anxiety causes. According to professor Wendy Gardner, the general uncertainty has created an environment especially conducive to stress. This is the most relatable for students who experience online education and exams.

“There’s no chance to make a year worse than 2020,” Gardner said. “Our brains hate it when there is a possibility that something bad could happen, and when it is unclear if we have an opportunity to avoid it.”

The fact of social communication lack makes people start using a new way to calm their nerves. Cannabidiol, as known as CBD, is widely used to regulate stress and anxiety.

The co-owner of Botanica CBD in Evanston, Lisa Brennan-Winefield, spent the past three years exploring the medicinal properties of CBD. Although it has been getting more and more interest since it became legal in 2018, Brennan-Winefield said she has noticed a risen interest in her store since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

“We are starting to see that more and more people are accepting this for stress and insomnia because they kind of walk together. If people are really stressed, they also tend to have sleeping issues, ”Brennan-Weinfield said.

Botanica CBD offers a big variety of CBD-based products, from topical products and capsules to smoke and vaping. According to Brennan-Winefield, one of the company’s fastest growing products is edible products.

“This is a really quick and affordable way to try something for anxiety,” she said. “I had one of the busiest days on the night after the debate, and people came to me saying, ‘I just can’t stand it. I can not “.