CBD Move Free got a Super Bowl XLVIII champion Jeron Johnson as their ambassador. A local pain reliever manufacturer in Washington state is proud to get into the sports world with Johnson. However, the athlete’s support of the brand is based on his personal experience. β€œI’ve played for five NFL teams throughout my NFL career,” he says, β€œand I often need something to ease or prevent injury. I have tried many elite cures and there is nothing I liked more than CBD Pain Free. “
CBD Move Free products are composed of three topical balms (with different ingredients and potency) and a hemp-based hand sanitizer.
Applying the products couldn’t be easier, the owner said. β€œJust use one of our balms to the target area. It will be absorbed only through the skin, like applying a simple moisturizer. There is nothing to swallow or process. “
The company uses only independent testing tools to check the high quality. β€œOur products are sold in hundreds of locations across the country,” says Roser, the CBD Move Free owner. β€œThey range from doctors, pharmacies, gyms, health and beauty shops to the finest golf clubs and tennis courts.”


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