True and False Facts about CBD Oil

Myth: CBD products and all CBD oils are the same

Not only will many CBD growers be offended by this statement, you will also say that all coffee beans and their products, no matter how and where they are grown and roasted, are the same.

Cannabidiol may be a unique compound, but different products, such as CBD oil, are composed of different complex compositions, similar to different types of tea. It contains a wide variety of plant molecules that provide any number of benefits depending on how it is mixed with the other components of the oil. In fact, even if they contain the same dosage, the source (hemp or cannabis) and its production process play a critical role in how your body reacts to each product. This is why you will need to do some testing to determine which type of CBD oil is best for you.

Myth: It’s like THC without the high.

THC and CBD have different effects on the body’s endocannabinoid system and beyond. While most people take THC or CBD to relieve pain and stress, there are other effects, such as treating depression, relieving stress, or improving appetite, with different results for both compounds. Aside from the medical benefits of the two, there is a clear difference between taking THC and CBD oil.

Myth: Has no medical merit.

It is often heard that there are some conditions under which CBD has not yet proven beneficial as a treatment, but it would be completely wrong to say that it does not have any medical merit. Recently, the FDA approved a CBD-based drug to treat seizure disorders that were once very difficult to combat. That said, people use CBD oil for conditions for which there hasn’t been enough research done yet, so perhaps CBD can help with anxiety, but read this before buying from your local dispensary. The better you know how to use a product correctly, the more likely you are to benefit from it. Now that universities are allowed to conduct research on this Schedule 1 drug, you can be confident that many of the claims will have sufficient scientific support in the future.

Myth: This is a marketing scam.

As a health product, manufacturers are occupying all possible niches in order to sell more of their products. This is why you will see many CBD oils and derivatives in the cosmetic series. But you have to understand that even if people include CBD oil in some cosmetics, this does not disprove the fact that it has legal uses. Consulting a healthcare practitioner can help realize these practical mental and physical benefits of a product.

You can also hear from people who have taken CBD and claim that they don’t feel anything. Most, if not all, of these people who took CBD for a couple of days or weeks, did so without any underlying medical conditions they were trying to eliminate. It’s like taking a shower in a bathtub: you’re already wet and will hardly feel the difference.