Try ‘Marijuana’ Sandwiches in Chicago

“The green wave is booming in the United States, so this is no longer a taboo”.

Cheba Hut is a network of loyal fans of what might be called “marijuana eaters” in Colorado, Arizona and Wisconsin, but this new location is the original one from Chicago.

The walls are decorated with images of many of Chicago’s celebrities; like Bill Murray, Hugh Hefner, Mrs. O’Leary’s cow, Dennis Rodman and Bob Rohrman. The food is themed around marijuana, but there is no cannabis and nothing edible.

“We’re here to heal your snacks, not create them,” Custer said. “You must go home hungry and ready to eat.” South Seeder Tyler David Jones came to dinner:

“It’s weed-free, it’s just a little satire – they put the names of the strands of weed, the bit to the needle, and the dull, cottony mouth medicine,” Jones said. “I mean they’ve got Kool-Aid, it can’t get any better, bro.”

Monday was a grand opening, and they saw a steady stream of customers. If things go well, they could open two more restaurants in the city.