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Unleash Cannabinoids with Delta Extrax – Interview

Delta Extrax is one of the most reputable THC brands on the market, known for great variety of products and quality management. We spoke with Brittany Warner, marketing director at Delta Extrax, tells CBD Topreview a success story of building a strong brand in alternative hemp cannabinoids industry.

– Tell us a little bit about your brand. How did it start, what’s the story behind it?

Savage Enterprises, founded in 2014, is a counterculture manufacturer and marketer of E-Liquid for vapes, nicotine disposables, and several hemp products such as CBD, Delta 8 THC, and a variety of emerging cannabinoids.
Our brand, Delta Extrax, is one of the leading Delta 8 companies that gained momentum during the pandemic. We were one of the first companies to introduce Delta 10, Hemp-derived Delta 9, and other lesser-known cannabinoids.

– What makes your brand stand out?

Our brand stands out amongst others in the industry through innovation in the use of cannabinoids we use in our blends, alongside a colorful and disruptive approach to the hemp space. Also, we use guerilla-style marketing to keep the brand relevant and fresh. You can expect to find some of the most potent cannabinoids and unique blends in our products.

– What is your process for CBD – from raw hemp to extraction to final product?

We use several extraction methods, which include Live Resin and Oleoresin. These extraction methods use frozen raw Hemp flower that helps keep the cannabinoids and terpenes fresh, ensuring the result is potent and flavorful.

– How do you feel about the announced Marijuana Reform and more states putting cannabis on the ballot? Do you think it will help to grow consumer’s interest towards Delta-8 products?

There are two sides to marijuana reform and how it affects the hemp space. Based on Delta 8, marijuana reform gets more people interested in cannabis and cannabinoids. From a business perspective, for our space, as it is, it hurts because the states that have legalized marijuana have more restrictions and regulations on hemp products. The goal is for marijuana to be federally legal, but until that happens, it hurts the hemp space.

– We think that one of the most important things for any e-commerce business is to have loyal customers. How do you estimate your customer retention rate?

We have an excellent customer retention rate. Most months, we have more returning customers than new ones, although new is always essential for brand growth and the e-commerce business. We focus heavily on the customer journey because anyone can sell a product, but in the end, it’s about how you treat consumers.

– What are your goals for the near future, how do you plan to grow your business?

Our current focus is to expand into new brands and e-commerce websites, as well as a variety of collaborations and innovative products to expand our brand and other brands for people to enjoy.

– What are your projections for the Delta-8 industry in the course of the next few years? What do you think will change?

The industry is constantly changing and evolving. The most significant change we will see will be state-by-state regulations and the ability for extractors to come out with new cannabinoids for us to put in our products. New brands emerging on the market creating a larger and more saturated space is another point of change, but it is forever changing and evolving every day.

– Do you personally use Delta-8 products? If yes, what do you use it for and what are your favourite products?

No, I do not use these products.

– Which product would you say is the bestseller of your brand, and why do you think it is the bestseller?

Our top sellers are our gummies. We have been able to use unique blends and provide a variety of flavors, and our customers find them easy to use and very potent.

– Most important message from Delta Extrax to the consumers?

We love what we do and make products with our customers in mind. A lot of the industry is learning as we go, due to its infancy and ever-changing rules. This makes it fun, challenging, and exciting for us! Thank you for your continued support and this opportunity to showcase Savage Enterprises and our leading Delta 8 brand,