US Cannabis Harvest Rewind

The 35 million US pot lovers are expected to pounce on inexpensive marijuana stores this fall. Unlike previous years, when a surplus of CBD harvest led to lower prices, in this season of the harvest, prices should remain fairly stable. In October, the country’s common price per pound of Cannabis Benchmarks hit its highest level in three years. This year is also the year when prices of marijuana sale continue their decline like the ten years before. Researchers at RAND concluded that the effectiveness of legalization lowers prices by up to 90%.

Instead, 2020 saw very steady and modest increases in marijuana prices thanks to the interplay of natural disasters and artificial policies in 11 states with the legalization of medical marijuana. White House states, that US cannabis production gives $52 billion, and Americans consume 29.9 million pounds of the plant harvest annually. The largest marijuana grower in America, California, is estimated to be growing 13.5 million pounds of marijuana, 60% of which is outdoors. Last October, prices fell 12% during harvest. The drop is expected to bring the value of the average US wholesale pound sterling slightly from $1,550 to $1,510 – $40, Cannabis Benchmarks said.