CBD bath bombs

What are CBD bath bombs, and do they work?

A warm bath can help relax your mind and body, and adding a CBD bath bomb to your bath can make it even more relaxing. On top of that, using a CBD bath bomb can soothe sore muscles, deeply hydrate skin, relieve stress, and more. If you are curious about CBD bath bombs and if they really work, then allow us to teach you everything you need to know about this ultra-calming way to use CBD.

Using a CBD bath bomb is a great way to use CBD. It can also be a particularly good way to use CBD because the other elements of the bath bomb experience have their own benefits, which can synergistically enhance the benefits you get from your CBD. There are other beneficial ingredients within a bath bomb, and taking a bath can provide health benefits in and of itself.

How do CBD bath bombs work?

When you use a CBD bath bomb, your body absorbs CBD in a unique way, which can provide unique benefits. Studies show that all types of cannabidiol (CBD) can reduce anxiety and depression, relieve chronic pain, reduce inflammation, and promote healthier sleep.

Your body absorbs the CBD in a bath bomb topically, absorbing it through your skin. This allows the endocannabinoid system receptors in your skin to use the CBD more quickly, providing faster relief from things like pain and anxiety. Topical application can also create a more localized effect, allowing you to treat certain areas, such as muscle pain, joint pain, or sensitive skin.

When might you need a CBD bath bomb?

People often use CBD bath bombs to relieve pain, relieve tension, or de-stress from a long day. Some people also use CBD bath bombs for sleep as they can be very relaxing or as a recovery treatment as CBD is believed to help reduce inflammation.

Always buy CBD bath bombs from reputable brands

When it comes to CBD products, it’s extremely important to find the right manufacturers. Not all CBD is made equally well, you have to choose brands that use clean farming methods, CO2 extraction and conduct third party lab testing. Buying CBD bath bombs from trusted brands like cbdMD and CBDfx is safe and guarantees that you will get a high quality product.

CBD bath bombs

– 100mg of CBD per bath bomb
– Premium CBD from US-grown hemp + essential oils
– Large collection to revitalize and relax
– Available in 6 types (6 effects), and 4 scents: Frankincense, Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Blend
– No artificial dyes, no preservatives
– 3rd party lab tested

CBD bath bombs

– 200mg of high-quality CBD per bath bomb
– Contains specially-sourced herbs and essential oils
– To relax or to recharge – choose your product in the line: Soothing Lavender or Recharge Eucalyptus
– With Lavender, Eucalyptus, Arnica, Spearmint, Peppermint, and Hawaiian Black Salt
– Lab tested

What else is in a CBD bath bomb besides cannabidiol?

Two basic ingredients found in almost all bath bombs are baking soda (baking soda) and citric acid. These two ingredients combine to create the fun bubbly effect of your bath bomb.

Then together they also help cleanse and repair the skin. In addition, citric acid provides a very gentle exfoliating effect, which is why you will find it in many skin care products. Citric acid can gently loosen damaged skin, allowing younger skin to replace it and making your skin feel and look a little fresher.

In addition to those base ingredients, bath bombs often contain some type of hydrating ingredient. Many bath bombs contain things like coconut oil, hemp oil, shea butter, or avocado oil. When you soak in a hot tub, your pores open up, allowing these hydrating agents to deeply hydrate your skin.

Bath bombs are often made with essential oils or other fragrant ingredients, which can provide aromatherapy benefits. For example, peppermint oil can help you feel energized, while soothing scents like lavender can help you feel relaxed or sleepy.

In addition to having aromatherapy effects, fragrant ingredients that contain terpenes can also facilitate the entourage effect in a CBD bath bomb. Terpenes are believed to work synergistically with cannabinoids like CBD, enhancing their benefits.

Do CBD bath bombs work?

CBD bath bombs are different from topically applied CBD products like creams and balms because the amount of CBD that you get locally is different. That is why you probably shouldn’t expect a CBD bath bomb to relieve strong pain. To date, there are no valuable research papers that could confirm or deny the efficiency of CBD bath bombs. However, given that CBD is known to have positive effects on the skin and overall relaxing effect, it definitely can be a great addition to your bath ritual.