CBD OIL ROLL ON STICK what is it how to use

What is a CBD Pain Stick and How Do You Use it?

What is a CBD oil roll-on stick? At its most basic, a CBD roll-on is a mixture of Cannabidiol (CBD) and other skin-friendly ingredients like coconut oil and menthol. When applied topically, CBD is dispensed from a small tube topped by a rollerball. As a result, it is easy to apply CBD directly to specific body areas.

Particularly popular among athletes, a CBD oil stick can provide many of the same pain and inflammation relief benefits as CBD creams. However, unlike creams, it is possible to apply CBD anytime, anywhere, with minimal fuss.

How Does a CBD Stick Work?

Do you suffer from arthritis flareups or recurrent soreness or stiffness after working out? If so, a CBD oil roll-on may be able to help you soothe pain and discomfort quickly.

When ingesting or smoking CBD, Cannabidiol enters the bloodstream, where it then interacts with endocannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system. Sadly, when people use CBD this way, Cannabidiol can’t target specific sources of pain.

Thankfully, there are ECS receptors throughout the body, including in skin and muscle tissue. For this reason, it is possible to apply CBD topically to benefit from localized relief from a variety of symptoms.

  • A CBD pain stick applies a non-greasy layer of Cannabidiol that is quickly absorbed through skin pores.
  • During absorption, CBD is able to permeate skin cells called sebocytes and start interacting with local ECS receptors.
  • Unlike when smoking or ingesting CBD, Cannabidiol supplied in a form of pain stick will not enter the bloodstream. Therapeutic effects will, therefore, not extend beyond the specific area where CBD is applied.

What are the Advantages of CBD Roll-On Sticks?

Why people use CBD roll-on pain sticks is simple. Unlike with CBD creams, Cannabidiol doesn’t have to be massaged into the skin. As a result, a roll-on stick can be used discreetly while at work or when on the go.

When applying CBD using a roll-on stick, it is also the case that less CBD is wasted. This is thanks to all the Cannabidiol that is dispensed going directly to the point of pain or discomfort. (Not also the hands like with other CBD topicals.)

CBD oil roll-on sticks like those available from CBDistillery, also contain cooling ingredients like menthol. This helps provide faster feelings of relief from pain as CBD is absorbed.

CBDistillery CBD Muscle Relief Stick 1000mg

CBD Relief Stick 1000mg
by CBDistillery



– Broad Spectrum CBD from aerial parts of non-GMO industrial USA hemp
– With a variety of Oils (Coconut, Sweet Almond, Avocado, Ginger, and more),
with Vitamin E and Menthol
– Great for everyday use, targeted relief
– Non-greasy, fast-acting
– Available in 500mg dosage
– THC free
– 3rd party lab tested

How to Choose and Use a CBD pain stick

When choosing any kind of CBD therapeutic, it is always advisable to choose those which contain full-spectrum CBD oil. Naturally, it is also advisable to only buy therapeutics from reputable brands.

  • Always look to buy CBD roll-ons and other topicals from U.S., Canadian, UK, or European brands, which verify the integrity of their products by investing in third-party lab testing.
  • Ideally, try and limit your exposure to low-quality CBD, by only buying products that are certified organic.
  • If possible, only buy therapeutics from brands that use CO2 extraction methods to isolate CBD from hemp. This will ensure that CBD is free from traces of potentially harmful chemicals.

If you live in an area where cannabis is illegal, it is also important to only buy CBD therapeutics which contain less than 0.03% THC.

How to Use a CBD Stick

CBD oil roll-on sticks are one of the easiest CBD therapeutics to start using.

As their name suggests, all users need to do is roll sticks over unbroken skin wherever pain or inflammation relief is needed. After application, CBD does not require any massaging or additional rubbing. However, just like with any topical therapeutic, it is advisable to conduct a patch test first.

To conduct a patch test, roll CBD over a small area of skin. Afterward, wait to see if there is any adverse reaction. As a rule, CBD itself is unlikely to irritate. However, some other ingredients in roll-on formulas might.

nanocraftcbd CBD Roll On Stick muscle joint 500mg

Extra Strength CBD Roll On Stick for Muscle & Joint Recovery 500 mg
by Nanocraft CBD


– Broad Spectrum CBD from non-GMO industrial USA hemp
– With Ginger Root (antioxidant potential), Beeswax, Shea Butter, a variety of natural herbs and soothing Essential Oils, with Menthol
– For faster recovery, rest, relax and revitalization
– Great for muscle soreness, stiffness or skin irritations
– Available in 250mg dosage
– THC free
– 3rd party lab tested

What Can a CBD Roll-On Stick Treat?

At present, CBD is not recognized as a formal medication by the FDA. This being the case, no one can say conclusively that CBD roll-ons can treat localized pain or inflammation. However, a wealth of anecdotal evidence suggests that topical CBD may several therapeutic uses.

Athletes, arthritis sufferers, and sufferers of conditions like fibromyalgia, regularly praise CBD as seeming to help alleviate pain, inflammation, and even skin conditions like psoriasis.

Might you be able to benefit from a CBD pain stick? If so, see our pick of one of the best rated CBD sticks currently on the market above, or, if you prefer a classic CBD roll-on freeze, see our article on the subject.