CBD Shisha

What is CBD shisha? All you need to know about CBD hookah

The CBD world continues to change. There are many CBD products on the market, and the most recent discovery is CBD shisha. It is actually not the most common CBD product on the market, and there are just a few brands that you can buy CBD shisha from. If you want to know all about CBD Hookah, how to use it and how you can benefit from it, you should continue reading this article.

What is shisha?

Smoking shisha is also called waterpipe smoking, in other words, it is a way of smoking tobacco through a bowl of water with the use of a pipe. First, the smoke is extracted through a container filled with water, but the glass jar must be filled with enough water to cover the metal tube. There is a rule that states that a third part of the vessel with no water, needs to have enough air for the smoke to accumulate.

The smoke that is produced by shisha can be equal to smoking almost 100 cigarettes and even though it comes with certain health risks, it is very popular among young people from all around the world.

 CBD Hookah

What is CBD shisha?

CBD shisha in comparison to regular shisha doesn’t contain nicotine, because it doesn’t have any tobacco in it. This shisha variation is based on other herbal components, such as tea, fruit or even sugarcane leaves. Then, honey is added to the mix, followed by CBD. Lastly, glycerin is added to help combine all the ingredients to a ready-to-use shisha product.

Potential Benefits of CBD shisha

Besides not containing any nicotine, which is already a great advantage of CBD hookah, inhaling CBD through a shisha may bring additional benefits:

  1. Pain relief
    CBD shisha may be used to reduce migraines and fibromyalgia symptoms. There are many ongoing scientific researches that study use of cannabidiol for inflammation and chronic pains. CBD hemp hookah might be an excellent way to spend time with friends with positive impact on your well-being in the same time.
  2. Alleviation of anxiety
    CBD is thought to have a relaxing effect and reduce anxiety. Hookah lounges are designed to be a place where a person can spend time in a relaxing and calm environment, and CBD seems to be a perfect addition to that.

Where to buy CBD shisha

Sometimes people invent their own methods to add CBD to their shisha, for example, use a CBD infused water. In this case what you’ll get is regular tobacco combined with CBD water. This type of shisha will contain nicotine. And nicotine, as we all well know, is highly addictive. However, there are brands that offer tobacco-free flavored CBD shisha blends as a healthier option for hookah lovers. One of the most awesome products in this category is EMPE USA CBD shisha, that comes in 5 amazing flavors.

These products contain 200mg of full spectrum all-natural, GMO free CBD per 5 oz pack, blended with pure natural honey, glycerin, cane molasses and flavoring. EMPE USA CBD shisha is manufactured in a certified facility, and 3rd party lab tests are available on the website.
You have a choice between these awesome flavors for your CBD hookah experience:

EMPE shisha cbd

An apple flavored blend of tobacco-free, 100% herbal mix with 200mg of full spectrum CBD

EMPE USA shisha cbd

Sweet and mild grape flavored blend for a great evening with CBD hookah

EMPE USA shisha cbd

Mega mango
Bright and energising mango flavored CBD shisha is definitely a must try!

EMPE USA shisha cbd

Pink lemonade
Empe also offers you a tobacco-free CBD shisha with pink lemonade flavor, in a 5 oz biodegradable eco-friendly pack with a zipper

EMPE USA shisha cbd

Mighty mint
If you’re a fan of mint flavors, this CBD shisha is for you. Refreshing and blend for clear mind 200mg of full spectrum hemp derived cannabidiol

Final thoughts

If you’re already a hookah fan and want to try vaping CBD in a shisha, we recommend trying special blends that do not contain nicotine. CBD shisha is a great way to get a tobacco-free experience for those who care about their health and want to keep little pleasures like hookah in their life.