What is Delta-8 Shisha and Where Can You Buy One?

The hemp cannabinoid industry has evolved beyond CBD and THC to other aspects of the plant. D8 (Delta-8 THC) is the latest cannabinoid to create attention; the success has allowed hemp companies to develop new products. There are few infusions as exciting as the combination of herbal shisha and Delta-8 THC.

A Delta-8 hookah experience allows users to elevate a classic smoking method with the help of the relaxing properties of D8. Many shisha enthusiasts are hesitant to utilize Delta-8’s close counterpart for a variety of reasons. The effects can be too extreme for a casual smoking session and cause detrimental damage to the hookah. Delta-8’s mild effects allow users to enjoy the shisha experience without any repercussions.

Want to know more about Delta-8?

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What is Delta-8 Shisha?

D8 derived from hemp. Manufacturers created Delta-8 from CBD isolate without any detectable levels of Delta-9 THC. The pure distillate is infused with an herbal blend soaked in delicious flavoring.

Many brands like Delta 8 Parma Grade also choose to add terpenes to the product to elevate the smoking experience further. Adding terpenes influences the effects to resemble traditional cannabis effects and benefits.

Herbal shisha is a tobacco-free way to enjoy cool, flavored smoke from a hookah. Shisha dates back to the 15th century in India and is still enjoyed today in homes and hookah lounges worldwide.

The combination of Delta-8 THC and herbal shisha is a revolutionary pairing set to gain popularity as more people become aware of cannabinoids outside of CBD and THC. Using cannabis products in hookahs has been a challenge for users. The blend of D8 and shisha allows consumers to enjoy the clear-headed effects of Delta-8 but still get the hookah experience.

Is Delta-8 THC Legal?

The legality of Delta-8 is subject to the recent controversy. While the cannabinoid is produced naturally in the cannabis plant’s lifecycle, it must be converted from CBD to make enough for commercial applications. Regulators and the marijuana industry have expressed their distaste for the newest cannabinoid and the recent rise in demand.

Delta-8 THC is still legal according to federal law. However, many states have clarified their stance on Delta-8 or classified the cannabinoid as synthetic, making it illegal. The 2018 ‘Farm Bill’ states that all cannabis products derived from hemp (cannabis containing less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC) are legal in the United States. If you are unclear on your state’s position on Delta-8, we suggest looking into the matter before trying a Delta-8 product.

Where Can I Buy Delta-8 Shisha?

The Delta-8 trend is supported disproportionately by companies selling the products online. While CBD retailers are selling Delta-8 products in brick-and-mortar locations, the convenience and discretion of purchasing D8 online are appealing to most consumers. The are many great options available; make sure to buy from a reputable brand with experience in the hemp cannabinoid industry.

Delta-8 Herbal Shisha from Delta 8 Pharma Grade

Delta 8 Pharma Grade Delta 8 Herbal Shisha – Pink Flamingo

Delta 8 Pharma Grade offers Delta-8 herbal shisha in various tasty flavors such as Sex on the Beach, Ocean Breeze, and Love Potion 69. These seductive flavors complement the relaxing effects and laid-back atmosphere created by Delta-8 hookah.

Each 4oz glass jar of Delta-8 herbal shisha contains 1000mg of hemp-derived Delta-8 THC. Enjoy the calming effects of D8 in a classic smoking method that has stood the test of time. Combining Delta-8 with herbal shisha is the perfect blend to relieve stress and bring friends together.

For more cannabinoid infusions, be sure to check out Delta 8 Pharma Grade’s online store. Their selection and reputation in the industry are unparalleled by any other online retailer.