What’s Good About CBD Toothpaste?

Recently, a study by Cureus (2020) examined whether cannabinoids can reduce the bacterial content of plaque. The result was very positive as the tests were carried out on very healthy and rotten teeth. Cannabinoids have surpassed well-known synthetic toothpaste such as Colgate and Oral-B.

When the researchers analyzed the number of bacterial colonies in dental samples of sixty people, the results were very promising. The candidates had no history of antibiotic therapy or immunosuppressive drugs. Their periodontal examinations were quite different: from perfect gums to severe bone resorption and high tooth sensitivity.

Plaque samples were placed on two Petri dishes. The cannabinoids were placed in the first Petri dish and the synthetic toothpaste was placed in the second Petri dish.

The result showed that the number of colonies on Petri dishes tested for cannabinoids was significantly lower than on those tested with synthetic products. It was also found that CBN and CBC were most effective in reducing bacteria.