Caliper CBD Powder Packets Review

Caliper CBD Powder Packets Review













  • Clinically proven fast-acting CBD (from US-grown hemp)
  • Isolated CBD - 0%THC
  • Non-GMO, no pesticides, heavy metals, residual solvents, and microbiological
  • Free shipping on all orders for subscribers
  • Made in the USA, 3rd party lab tested, COAs for every batch


  • Only 2 products in the line

Something we like about Caliper

  • Conveniently packaged in a single 20mg dose
  • Faster bioavailability rate than CBD Oil
  • An innovative water-soluble delivery system
  • 0 Calorie 100% plant-based ingredients

Something we do not like about Caliper

  • Only two products (flavorless and flavored) dissolvable powder
  • Isolate CBD, no other cannabis compounds available
  • High price per MG, especially for isolate CBD

Caliper’s dissolvable powder is a premium option for consumers looking for isolate CBD. While they only offer one form of delivery, Caliper clinically maximized the potential of single-dose CBD. Their drive to achieve the highest availability possible is evident throughout their brand. Few companies in the CBD industry project a more trustworthy image. Caliper offers visibility into its products, staff, innovations, and lab results. They elevated a simple product into an exceptional brand back by over a thousand reviews from happy customers.

Caliper’s Clinically Validated Products

A company claiming to have a higher product with a higher bioavailability rate than CBD oil isn’t unique. There are hundreds of CBD companies selling water-soluble CBD, but not many can back up their claims like Caliper.

Caliper takes its bioavailability claims to the next level by working with acclaimed universities to test and clinically validate its products. The latest study with Colorado State University found Caliper t Caliper CBD to be 6.5x more bioavailable in the first 15 minutes than oil-soluble CBD and 4.5x more bioavailable overall.

While Caliper has created an innovative product, many CBD users prefer full-spectrum or broad-spectrum products over isolates. Most established CBD companies are moving into other cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN. It’s surprising to see that Caliper hasn’t expanded its product line to include more full plant options.

Pros and Cons

  • Caliper strives to innovate CBD delivery. They have scientists on their staff. Check out an interview with their senior food scientist here. The rest of their team is visible on their website, giving customers a personal feel when shopping.
  • Their bioavailability claims are bold but backed up in studies explicitly done for their product. Not many CBD companies are handing their products over to universities to test their claims.
  • Clean, clear, consistent dose. 20mg with a high bioavailability aligns with most clinical CBD studies. Customers get the same dose every time in a convenient, single package.
  • Caliper gives minimal ingredients, no additives, sugar, or calories.
  • Caliper is an ingredients company that offers its product in single-dose form. There’s a corporate feel more reminiscent of a pharmaceutical company than a cannabis brand.
  • They don’t communicate where they sourced their hemp from or how it’s extracted.
  • Isolates only is a significant drawback to Caliper. More options with an array of plant compounds would be appealing to a large proportion of the CBD consumers.

Caliper Products

Even though Caliper only has two products, they managed to create a unique, superior CBD delivery system. Their price per milligram is higher than most isolate CBD products, but if their bioavailability rates are legitimate, then the price increase is more than justified.

Caliper Flavorless CBD Powder

The brand’s central product is available in 30 packs with 20mg individually packaged doses. Their powder easily dissolves into any beverage and can be taken on the go or easily incorporated into a daily routine.

Caliper Swiftsticks Flavored CBD Powder

Swiftsticks are designed to dissolve under the tongue for even more efficient absorption. They are available in three all-natural flavors – lemon-lime, mint, and mixed berry. Also available in a 30-count package with 20mg doses.

Perfectly Precise Dosing with Caliber CBD Powder

Caliper’s isolate CBD powders show that a familiar product can be improved. Taking CBD is far from perfect; Caliper may be at the forefront of creating the next phase in CBD administration as the industry matures and focuses on efficient delivery systems.