Dr. Strains CBD Review – High Quality Hemp Flower And More

Dr. Strains CBD Review – High Quality Hemp Flower And More













  • High-quality CBD and Flowers from organic USA-grown hemp
  • One of the widest range of Hemp Flowers, including Delta 8 and CBG options
  • High content of CBD and other cannabinoids in strains, less than 0.3% THC
  • Separate section of items under $20; Wholesales are available
  • 3rd party lab tested, made in the USA


  • Quite a modest line of classic CBD products

While CBD products are everywhere you turn, from your local grocery store to gas station, finding high-quality hemp flower is more challenging to find. Thankfully Dr. Strains has an exceptional selection of flower available online, ready to be shipped anywhere in the USA.

Dr. Strains produces award-winning hemp flower sourced from farms using innovative techniques and a dedication to detail. From their inception, Dr. Strains has set out to deliver Americans quality hemp flower at affordable prices. As the Florida company has gained recognition in the industry, they’ve stayed true to the mission statement and continue to provide exceptional products at reasonable prices.

Dr. Strains Hemp Flower Review – Award Winning Hemp Flower

In 2019, Dr. Strains was awarded “Best Hemp Flower” at the annual CBD East Expo. Dr. Strains has also earned recognition from other organizations. On Google, Dr. Strains is the number one source for retail and wholesale hemp flower. Leafly has also recognized Dr. Strains as a premium source for smokable flower. As one of the biggest names in the digital cannabis space, Leafly is renowned as an important voice for the community. On Leafly, Dr. Strains is highly ranked for the quality, service, and atmosphere.

While Dr. Strains’ hemp flower is unparalleled in quality, its prices have remained affordable. Buying from Dr. Strains feels like you are doing business directly with the growers, not a massive corporation. The quality and prices have remained throughout their accomplishments in the industry.

Extensive Selection of Hemp Flower Strains

Dr. Strains’ online store features dozens of the most legendary strains on the market. You can choose between indoor or outdoor-grown flower depending on your preferences. Dr. Strains also carries a variety of pre-rolls for smokers looking to conveniently enjoy their favorite strains at a moment’s notice. 

CBD Moon Rock Asteroids

Smoking CBD flower is by far the best way to deliver cannabinoids into the bloodstream. But, if you are looking to step it up even more, try moon rocks. Dr. Strains takes their premium hemp flower, soaks it in sour diesel terpene infused CBD distillate, and rolls the nugs in CBD keif.

CBG Flower

CBG is one of the latest cannabinoids to gain mainstream attention. A few years ago, producing CBG products were costly, but farmers have developed methods to grow CBG flower at affordable prices thanks to recent innovations. 

Save with Shake

Buying shake from Dr. Strains is a cost-effective way to access CBD. You won’t get perfectly shaped nugs, but you will enjoy the same high-quality hemp flower at a fraction of the price

Delta 8 Hemp Flower from Dr. Strains

Delta-8 THC is the latest trending cannabinoid. Dr. Strains has various hemp flower infused with Delta-8 to increase benefits and create a unique psychoactive experience.

Other Premium Cannabinoid Hemp Products

Dr. Strains also features traditional cannabinoid hemp products made with the same ethical practices they put into their flower production. In addition, you have the option to order smoking accessories, CBD topicals, edibles, tinctures, and vaping products at affordable prices. Dr. Strains is your one-stop shop for everything you need to enjoy the powerful effects of CBD.

Dr. Strains Review – Your Source for High-Quality Flower

Award-winning hemp flower is difficult to find. But, thanks to recent cannabis reforms and premium online retailers like Dr. Strains, you have access to high-quality flower shipped directly to your mailbox. Experience the most efficient way to consume CBD with hemp flower, provided by one of the most renowned names in the industry – Dr. Strains CBD Hemp Flower.