🌱 Green Helix CBD – 2020 review – does it work?


Products range


Lab testing


Hemp origin


Pricing fairness


Customer service



  • Lowest cost per mg at an average of $0.08/mg
  • Higher CBD mg dosage per serving
  • You can get a 20% discount by subscribing to the product
  • Organic, US-grown hemp, non-GMO, pecticides free and full-spectrum CBD
  • Lab tested


  • Products with a high concentration of CDB are not recommended for CBD beginners
  • Free shipping starts from the order over $99.99

CBD shows promise for sports recovery, sleep, and stress management. If you want to use it for one of these purposes, Green Helix is one of the best brands for you. In this article, we’re giving you a review of Green Helix and the hemp-based products they offer.



Green Helix is a serious CBD and hemp-based brand. Their products are lab-tested in third-party labs, and they offer a low cost per mg, stronger overall dosages and higher dosages per serving as compared to other brands. Every product is labeled organic and comes from US-grown hemp plants with a very high-quality standard.

Green Helix offers three main product lines: CBD capsules, CBD tinctures, and CBD for pets. Their concentrations and formulations can be adapted to relieve stress, sleep better, and recover from training, as they explain on their website.

Pros and cons

  • Free shipping inside the United States for any order over $99.99
  • Very specific formulations to counter different ailments and CBD applications
  • Subscriptions made available at a lower cost
  • Line 1No worldwide shipping available


CBD Capsules

There’s nothing better than a pre-dosed capsule if you want to get a very specific concentration of CBD every time you take it. These CBD capsules are designed to relieve stress and anxiety, promote sleep, improve menstrual pain, and accelerate muscle recovery. Green Helix has different kinds of CBD capsules to help with different health issues. The Acute Stress Relief CBD capsules include a special blend to help deal with stress and anxiety. The Menstrual Relief capsules are created to fight menstrual pain and discomfort using special infusion formula. The Deep Sleep CBD capsules infusion formula is designed for long lasting and replenishing sleep cycles.

CBD Tinctures

Green Helix claims to use only organic, USA-grown hemp free from heavy metals, herbicides, and other chemicals, to produce their tinctures. Cannarescue Formula 900mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture special blend is designed to help counteract the effects of THC, whereas Super Pure Formula 900mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture is intended for maintaining overall wellbeing and receiving acute stress symptoms.

CBD for pets

Pets are our fur babies, and we want the very best for them. Since they cannot tell us their experience with CBD, we should look for really high-quality brands, such as Green Helix. They offer lower concentrations for pets to keep them pain-free and relieve anxiety. Green Helix CBD tincture for pets is called Fur Baby Fix (full spectrum, 300 mg CBD per bottle) and is engineered to reduce anxiety and relieve pain in pets.

Green Helix Subscriptions

Green Helix offers subscription service for each of their products. Customers who sign up for monthly or bi-weekly delivery get a nice 20% discount. You may choose among a single product subscription, and various subscription packs, such as Fur Baby and Me (a tincture for the pet and a tincture for the master), or Total Zen (2 types of CBD capsules: Deep Sleep and Acute Stress Relief).


Green Helix offers shipping within the United States, and their shipping service is very easy to calculate. You just go to your shopping cart, and before filling your checking out details, just type your shipping state, city, and zip code. You will see the shipping price before anything else. Free shipping is offered for orders over $99.99.

Lab Tests

Green Helix mentions that every product they manufacture is tested by third-party labs. Testing reports and certificates are available to the public on their website.

Customer Service

Green Helix has a “Contact Us” section you can find in their page, down below in the footer. They give you a hotline to contact them by dialing the number 877-874-3549. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] or fill a very simple contact form with your comments or requests.

They also provide you with a “Frequently Asked Questions” section to answer common questions immediately. In their “Return Policy” section, Green Helix promises a 30-day money back guarantee which can be processed by contacting them at [email protected].


Green Helix is a very professional brand of Full-Spectrum CBD, with organic lab tested products harvested in the United States. They offer CBD capsules, CBD tinctures, and CBD for pets, and their formula contains other ingredients depending on the ailment or goal you have in using CBD. You can subscribe to a monthly or bi-weekly delivery if you’re consuming their products regularly and want to save some money.