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Green Roads CBD review and coupon

Green Roads CBD review and coupon













  • Gold Standard for CBD products
  • Rigorous testing process for cannabinoids, pesticides, metals, solvents, and microbial
  • Quality products developed with proprietary methods
  • Award-Winning Hemp Products
  • Reward Program


  • Free shipping on orders over $50

Many CBD brands are created by entrepreneurs looking to take advantage of the incredible increase in demand for CBD products. Most of the time, the business will buy their products from a white label manufacture. While there is nothing wrong with wholesale CBD companies, and many have exceptional products, they aren’t adding any value to the industry.

Green Roads CBD has an original product the company has spent years perfecting. The company offers a wide range of CBD products and is in complete control over every step of production.

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The Green Roads Difference

Since 2013, Green Roads founder, Laura Fuentes, has been producing the Gold Standard for CBD products. With 25 years of experience as a licensed compounding pharmacist, Fuentes uses her knowledge in drug development to create a unique CBD product.

Most CBD companies are simply wholesale branding agencies. They buy finished products from a white label manufacture and add their label and packaging. All these brands promise they have the best products that are 3rd party lab tested and contain all-natural ingredients. The difference between white label brands and Green Roads is Fuentes’ knowledge of compounding.

Instead of infusing MCT oil with CBD extract and flavoring, like most CBD companies, Green Roads has a proprietary blend that delivers a sweet taste and a warm, pleasant mouthfeel to improve the overall experience. In addition, the Green Roads formula boosts bioavailability rates, meaning you won’t need as many MGs to get results.


Not All Lab Testing is Created Equal

Any White Label CBD company can take their products into a lab and have CBD potency verified. 3rd party lab tests have become industry standard since companies were exposed for false advertising. Green Roads uses a rigorous testing process for cannabinoids, pesticides, metals, solvents, and microbial. Many companies cut corners; Green Roads tests every batch for every product and has a QR code to link the product to the test. Transparency and communication are extremely important for the brand and is demonstrated through the intense testing process.

15% OFF

Award-winning & Pharmacist-formulated - try Green Roads CBD products at 15% OFF!


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Award-Winning Hemp Products

Superior CBD earns the attention of the industry. Because Green Roads has been around so long and continues to develop its extensive product line, the company has gained quite a few hemp industry awards over the years, including:

As the hype of CBD has cooled, Green Roads continues to deliver quality products developed with proprietary methods and backed by independent lab testing.

Green Roads Sleep Line

One of our favorite groups of Green Roads CBD products is their Sleep Line. Studies have shown that CBD can help users suffering from sleep disorders, most famously in a 2019 study done in Colorado.

The Green Roads Sleep Line consists of gummies, capsules, oil, and single-dose oil packs. Each sleep product contains a blend of CBD, CBN, and a small dose of melatonin.

Taking CBD for sleep delivers the best results if you take the products consistently. Green Roads makes regular dosing easy with their subscription program. You will also save money when you commit to a CBD coming in each month.  

Experience Premium CBD from Green Roads

Buying from Green Roads ensures you get the best CBD possible and support the future of the industry. The brand has every type of product you need, from their award-winning oil to CBD-infused pet treats. Green Roads is an exemplary brand in an industry full of white label wholesalers. Stop supporting companies just out to make a buck and start buying from an authentic CBD brand with a passion for developing the best products on the market.