Hometown Hero CBD Review

Hometown Hero CBD Review













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  • 3rd-party lab testing
  • Superior taste and potency
  • Donation to the Disabled American Veterans


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Hometown Hero CBD isn’t just another cannabinoid hemp company. The Austin, Texas-based brand has evolved over the years to reflect the current state of the industry.

If you’re tired of the same unimaginative product lines, Hometown Hero CBD may be your next go-to brand. Not only does the company offer premium hemp extracts, but they are also dedicated to giving back to veterans, aka hometown heroes.  

Hometown Hero CBD’s Story

In 2015, Hometown Hero was launched and began donating a portion of proceeds from every purchase to the Disabled American Veterans. The Texas hemp company continued to grow its brand, becoming one of the premier names in the state’s hemp industry.

Hometown Hero won awards for their CBD flower and hemp blunts in the 2020 High Times Hemp Cup. Later that year, they launched their first Delta-8 THC product. In 2021, Hometown Hero introduced hemp-derived Select Spectrum Delta-9 gummies, the first THC product legal in all 50 states.  

Throughout their journey, Hometown Hero continued to support Veteran organizations donating amounts as high as $55,000. The company has also had a significant impact on keeping hemp-derived THC products legal in Texas by leading a coalition on HR 2593 and a lawsuit against the state to keep D8 products on the market.


The Hometown Hero Difference

Not only does Hometown Hero provide innovative hemp extracts to thousands of happy customers, but the company also has a rigorous quality control protocol and exceptional customer service.

Small Batch

All Hometown Hero products are made in small batches guaranteeing greater attention to detail, superior flavor, and consistent quality.

Tested Six Times from Seed to Sale

The Austin cannabinoid company goes far beyond the industry standard of 3rd party lab testing. Each product is tested for safety, legal compliance, and cannabinoid content a total of 6 times from seed to sale.

World Class Customer Support

It’s not always easy to contact a representative from your hemp cannabinoid provider. Many companies don’t even provide a phone number and rarely answer inquiries by email. Hometown Hero takes advantage of this shortcoming in the industry with its in-house customer support team. In addition, the brand offers a worry-free guarantee on all products.

Cannabinoid Rich Extracts from Hometown Hero

Since 2020, Hometown Hero has evolved its business model, catering to market trends. As a result, the company primarily sells Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC products rather than CBD extracts. However, Hometown Hero does have a unique non-intoxicating tincture.

The product combines 20mg of CBD, CBDA, CBG, and CBGA in every serving. As users are becoming more aware of cannabinoids outside of CBD, Hometown Hero has shown to be able to adapt to the industry.

What Is Hemp-Derived Delta 9?

Hometown Hero’s most innovative achievement to date is offering the first hemp-derived THC product legal in all 50 states.

You may be wondering how the schedule one compound Delta-9 THC can legally be sold online and shipped anywhere in the US. Delta 9 is legal when it is derived from hemp and can be sold to any state in the US if it’s below a 0.3% THC concentration by dry weight.

Thanks to the wording of the 2018 Farm Bill and ingenious product development by Hometown Hero, customers from all 50 states can enjoy the effects of THC.

Support Vets with Premium Cannabinoid Extracts

Hometown Heroes is a reliable source for CBD, Delta-8, and Delta-9 THC. The Texas company has an incredible assortment of products, including tinctures, live rosin gummies, moon rocks, baked goods, and so much more.

When you shop with Hometown Hero, not only do you have access to innovative cannabinoid hemp products, but you are also supporting US veterans.