Kore Organic CBD Brand

Kore Organic CBD Full Review 2022

Kore Organic CBD Full Review 2022













  • High quality CBD derived from hemp organically grown in Northern Colorado (All raw materials are lab tested)
  • Hydro Carbon Extraction (HCE) is used to eliminate THC
  • Wide product range, including rare products like CBD Dried Fruits or CBD Mixed Nuts
  • No pesticides, chemical fertilizers and heavy metals, non-GMO
  • Manufactured in the USA, 3rd-party Lab tested


  • Free shipping available only for orders over $100

Kore Organic is a premium CBD brand that takes pride in manufacturing a wide variety of farm-to-table Cannabidiol therapeutics. These include everything from CBD infused nut mixes to topical CBD massage lotions. Like all premium quality CBD brands, Kore also invests in third-party lab testing to guarantee product purity.

Specializing in the manufacture of CBD edibles, tinctures, topical products, and smokable products, Kore use CBD from 100% organically grown hemp. This ensures that whatever product you purchase will be of superior quality and efficacy to those of other CBD brands.


How Kore Organic sees the world is simple. At present, there are hundreds of different CBD brands on the market. However, few operate as transparently as people think.

In many cases, brands use phrases like “all-natural” to make products that aren’t organic seem like they are organic. Others don’t make it clear how they extract CBD from hemp, nor what other ingredients are used when manufacturing therapeutics.

As a more wholesome CBD therapeutics brand, Kore Organics do things differently. As well as using third-party lab tests to confirm the purity of therapeutics, Kore also operates its own CGMP compliant lab. This ensures that after sourcing the highest quality raw materials, all products are manufactured to the same standards expected when manufacturing pharmaceutical drugs and health supplements.

Pros and Cons

Why Kore Organic is one of the most popular go-to brands for high-quality CBD products is simple.

  • All Kore therapeutics are made using 100% organic CBD derived from hemp using state-of-the-art liquid carbon extraction techniques.
  • Kore Organic manufactures a wide variety of premium hemp products, including topical cosmetics, tinctures, and even pet-friendly therapeutics.
  • Every CBD therapeutic purchased from Kore comes with a certificate of analysis (COA) from a third-party lab guaranteeing product purity.
  • All Kore therapeutics are completely GMO and THC-free.
  • All Kore tinctures, edibles, and vaping products are available in a wide variety of delicious flavors.
  • Kore organics uses only the highest-quality ingredients in all of its products.
  • As a premium brand, Kore Organics products often retail for slightly more than therapeutics from some other CBD brands.

Kore Organic Products

At present, Kore Organic manufacture several high-quality CBD products suitable for all kinds of Cannabidiol users. 

Kore CBD Capsules CBD Nut Jars

Not everyone is a fan of CBD edibles like gummies. For this reason, Kore makes available a range of CBD capsules which can be consumed the same way as any multivitamin. More interestingly. Kore Organic also manufactures a unique line of CBD nut jars available. As a result, those who prefer savory over sweet snacks can consume nut selections infused with up to 1,000mg of CBD.

Kore CBD Gummies and Crystallized Fruit

CBD gummies make it easy to use CBD anytime, anywhere. Kore Organic, therefore, makes several delicious gummy varieties available. However, Kore also manufacture even more delicious Fruity Topia’ mixes of crystalized fruit, which can be consumed as trail mix, snacks, or added to homemade deserts!

Kore CBD Oil and E-Liquids

If you love to vape, you will love Kore CBD vape juices. Containing up to 300mg of CBD, juices are available in premium flavors that include Georgia Peach, Bombay Mango, Blueberry Mist, and many more.

Similar to Kore vape juices, Kore broad-spectrum CBD tinctures are also available in several delicious flavors. These include pineapple, lemon and lime, and strawberry and kiwi. CBD oil is also available in varying strengths ranging from 300mg to 1,000mg CBD concentrations.

And you can choose Kore isolate CBD Oil Tinctures with watermelon, peppermint or original flavors in different dosage.

Kore CBD Topical Products

Organic CBD topical creams, balms, and moisturizers are skyrocketing in popularity among athletes and chronic pain sufferers. To cater to this market, Kore produces a wide range of CBD infused lotions, roll-on pain freeze balms, bathing products, and even CBD hand sanitizers.

Kore 450mg massage oil and 750mg skin lotions are also popular, thanks to their ability to help relieve muscle pain while promoting calm and relaxation.

Kore Organic Pet Products

Multiple studies show that CBD isn’t just fantastic for promoting calm and helping diminish pain in humans. As well as this, CBD can help promote better wellness in animals. For this reason, Kore Organic manufactures a wide variety of delicious pet edibles and tinctures that contain between 5mg and 30mg of CBD per serving.

Customer Service

As a premium CBD brand, Kore makes it easy to contact their team whenever problems might arise with products.

Currently, CBD users can contact Kore directly via telephone and email each weekday between 8 am and 5 pm. Kore also makes it easy to track product purchases by creating a personal Kore account. As a bonus, doing so will give new customers 10% off their first purchase.


Every CBD brand on the market says it uses only the highest quality hemp when producing therapeutics. Sadly, this often isn’t the case. However, Kore Organic really is different.

As well as verifying the quality of therapeutics with third-party lab testing, Kore makes several niche products available. These include new kinds of CBD edibles and some of the CBD industry’s most in-demand topical products. Discover these for yourself now by clicking here