NB Hemp CBD Oil Capsules – 15mg THC-Free

NB Hemp CBD Oil Capsules – 15mg THC-Free


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Your search for 2020’s best CBD products is over. NB Hemp CBD oil capsules provide 15mg of pure CBD oil (per capsule), in 60 individual doses. Cannabidiol in NB Hemp capsules also benefits from better absorption and potency than other leading CBD supplements.

60 CBD Oil Capsules With Superior Cannabidiol Delivery

CBD oil supplements are notorious for varying in their effectiveness. This is because Cannabidiol, terpenes, and other cannabinoids quickly lose their efficacy during the first stages of digestion.

Now, thanks to NB Hemp, it is possible to prevent Cannabidiol from degrading immediately after ingestion.

During the production of NB Hemp CBD oil supplements, Cannabidiol is paired with long-chain triglycerides. (Healthy fatty acids.) Using LTCs this way, helps each 15mg CBD capsule deliver CBD oil directly to the gut. From here, CBD passes more quickly to the bloodstream.

NB Hemp CBD Oil Supplement Potential Benefits

Pairing CBD oil with LTC fatty acids increases the bioavailability of Cannabidiol by up to 18%. As a result, people looking for the best CBD products to treat anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, stress, and other complaints, benefit from faster and longer-lasting relief of symptoms.

NB Hemp Long Chain CBD Soft Gels

NB Hemp CBD soft-gel capsules formula is designed to:

  • Strengthen of your immune system.
  • Provide relief from chronic pain resulting from conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia.
  • Improve sleep and decrease anxiety.
  • Reduce muscle pain and inflammation.

Long-chain triglycerides (LTCs) are also known to play an integral role in cardiovascular health and neurological well-being.

CBD Oil Capsule Recommended Daily Dosage

Every NB Hemp soft-gel CBD capsule contains 15mg of bio-active Cannabidiol. Taking a single capsule can subsequently result in pain and anxiety relief that lasts for approximately 6-hours.

At present, NB Hemp recommends taking a single CBD capsule twice a day. If planning to take a higher dosage, it is advisable that you only do so after consulting with a certified medical professional. 

Like with all CBD oil supplements, it is also advisable to maintain a regular dose long-term. This way, it is possible to experience the maximum restorative benefits of Cannabidiol.

Our evaluation of NB Hemp CBD capsules

NB Hemp CBD capsules are third party lab tested, fairly priced and contain adequate dosage of CBD per capsule: 15mg (medium strength). The capsules are THC free.
NBHemp guarantees your 100% satisfaction with our products (within 30-days of purchase).
Two types of capsules available:
CBD Oil Capsules (60 Counts), 900mg, Enhanced Absorption
CBD Oil SoftGel Capsules (60 Counts), 900mg, Enhanced Absorption

100% GMO and THC-Free CBD Oil 

As well as improving the bioavailability of Cannabidiol, NB Hemp produces only the best CBD products in terms of quality.

All NB Hemp CBD capsules are 100% GMO-free — and 100% vegan-friendly. The CBD oil NB Hemp uses is also THC-free. This is thanks to all Cannabidiol being derived from Hemp, not illicit Cannabis.

Sample the Best CBD Products in Terms of Quality Now

Several medical studies support the efficacy of CBD when used to treat chronic pain and anxiety. However, not all CBD capsules or supplements benefit from the same quality or potency.

With NB Hemp CBD capsules, you benefit from superior quality Cannabidiol supplements that are safe and highly bioavailable.

Order now and experience the benefits for yourself!