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CBD pet products are one of the most rapidly growing sectors of the industry. While many CBD companies have expanded their product lines to include pet products, Petly CBD commits 100% of its efforts to providing natural relief to cats and dogs.

In our review, we will explore how pets can benefit from CBD and why you should consider a pet-specific CBD company to manufacture your products. After reading, you’ll not only have an idea of what Petly offers but a better understanding of the CBD and pet industry.


How Pets Can Benefit from CBD

All animals, including cats and dogs, have an endocannabinoid system (ECS). The complex network of receptors, neurotransmitters, and enzymes helps keep the body balanced and respond to adversity.

Below are just a few ways that CBD can help boost endocannabinoid production and help pets live more fulfilling lives.

Joints and Mobility

As dogs and cats age, their joints deteriorate dramatically, affecting mobility. CBD can help with your pet’s ability to get around, improving limping, joint disease, and conditions like hip dysplasia.

Stress and Anxiety

Most pets get stressed out due to various factors, including separation anxiety, loud noises, and phobias. You can improve your pet’s mental state with a highly optimized CBD routine.

Pain and Inflammation

Regardless if your pet is getting old, they will likely experience inflammation. CBD can reduce the immune response by balancing out endocannabinoid production in the ECS.

Why Choose a Pet-Specific CBD Company?

While pets possess an ECS, it’s essential to understand exactly how their bodies respond to cannabis.

Petly is 100% dedicated to curating products specifically for pets. They aren’t a CBD company that decided to expand its product line; they have been formulating pet products since the start.

Choosing a pet-specific company offers various advantages.

Optimized Formulas for Species

Cats and dogs are biologically different and require different products. In addition, certain species can be more sensitive to cannabis compounds than others. For example, dogs process THC much differently than other animals; as a pet owner, you must be conscious of what is in your pet products.

Products Catered to Pets

Petly specializes in pets, so they put in the work looking at existing research to create products specifically for dogs and cats. The ingredients, dosage, flavors, and THC content are catered to a dog or cat rather than developing products used for all pets. For example, the large dog formula is THC-free broad spectrum CBD oil, a higher potency than other pet products, and available in flavors your dog will love.

Reliable Information

Giving your dog or cat cannabis products can be intimidating the first time. Thankfully, Petly answers any question directly in their Pet Education section. You’ll find articles ranging from how long CBD dog treats work to how to treat cat depression.

Whether you are new to CBD and pets or a seasoned vet looking for a new source, Petly is a one-stop shop for products and all the information you need to improve your pet’s life with CBD.

Donating to Pets in Need

Petly also supports pets in need with every sale. The owners are incredibly passionate about CBD and animals and donate a dollar of every product sold to less fortunate pets.  

Shop CBD for Pets from Petly

Buying CBD products for yourself and your pets from one source is convenient; however, you aren’t giving your pet the best experience possible. Petly curates products specifically for pets, not as an afterthought like many CBD brands. So when you shop Petly, you can be sure you are getting the best outcome possible for your four-legged friend.