Purely CBD: review [Brand shut down]

Purely CBD: review [Brand shut down]


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  • Offers tinctures of various concentrations and flavors
  • Third party lab tested
  • Free shipping within the US


  • Hemp origin is unknown
  • The site is missing information on return policy.

Cannabis stopped having a bad reputation when we started cultivating hemp and manufacturing CBD. This cannabinoid is a special part of the plant that holds all of the many alleged health benefits of cannabis without adverse effects or the “high” sensation you get with marijuana. It is believed to be a safe supplement, even for pets, and it is becoming a popular ingredient in beauty products.

This time, we are reviewing for you a brand of CBD that does not offer just the basic hemp-based products but also CBD flowers and interesting products we will cover below. You can find it online as Purely, or PŪRCBD.


Purely Brand Mission

Purely, or PŪRCBD is a brand of mainly THC-free oils and products. THC is a component in marijuana that causes psychoactive effects, anxiety, and many other side effects. Without THC, you will be safely guarded from all of these side effects and still get the support and relief provided by therapeutic cannabis.

On their website the brand promises a completely pure product. Simply Pure™ is also the guarantee that the ideals and principles guiding Purely are free of impurities. You will not find the brand using kitsch marketing language or sourcing from factory farms. What you will find are people dedicated to doing things right, not doing things easy. Simply Pure™ means a purity of spirit within the company – the intentions, the practices, and the products.

They offer many 6 main products with many options and concentrations for each one, as you will see next.

Purely: Pros and Cons

Check out advantages and disadvantages of Purely CBD

  • You get to choose different flavors and concentrations for each product
  • One of the few brands that offers legal hemp flowers
  • Offers free shipping within the US

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  • You may encounter stock limitations in some of their products
  • Some important information (delivery and return policy) is missing on the site.
  • Only US shipping is available


Browse CBD Products offerd by Purely

CBD Oils

This is one of the best line of products offered by Purely (PŪRCBD). Actually, the premium-grade PŪRCBD oil offers a wide variety of flavors that include mint, lime, cinnamon, and natural hemp flavor, and different strengths from 500mg to 1500mg. They also offer a pet solution, with a concentration of 250mg, and a quick relief gel with a blend of CBD, natural menthol, eucalyptus, and other ingredients for topical application that can be a natural aid in the pain relief therapy. These products are 100% TCH-free and won’t give you any psychoactive side effect.

CBD Softgels

This line includes two products, both of them meant for oral consumption of CBD. The softgels give you 25mg of CBD per soft gel, and 30 units per container. You get a total 750mg per container.

Vegan CBD Gummies

The CBD gummies offered by Purely give you a lower concentration (10 mg per gummy), and 30 units per container for a total 300mg CBD. Tasty, convenient, and fun to take, PŪRCBD™ Vegan Gummies are a reliable option for getting the perfect dose for pretty much everyone.

Hemp flowers

Purely (PŪRCBD) is one of the few brands that offer unprocessed hemp flowers. They have different varieties, each one with a unique taste. You can choose between the Hawaiian Haze, Suver, and Lifter variety of hemp plants. All of them are full-spectrum CBD plants and it is the only product by Purely (PŪRCBD) that contains THC as well as CBD and other phytonutrients.

The Hawaiian Haze variety contains 18.55% of CBD. The lifter variety contains 19.33% of CBD. And the Suver variety contains 19.99% of CBD. In every case, you can choose between 10 grams or 2 grams of hemp flowers.


Purely CBD Shipping Policy

Purely (PŪRCBD) offers a free shipping service, but only in the United States. You can also have expedited shipping at an additional cost. 

Lab Tests

Purely CBD Lab testing practices

Every product manufactured by Purely (PŪRCBD) has been carefully tested by third-party labs, and these certificates are made public in their website. They are a test certificate by ProVerde laboratories, and a certificate of authenticity, dated 4/24/2019 and 6/1/2019, respectively.

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Private Labelling and Affiliate programs

Purely CBD cooperation options

You can use Purely (PŪRCBD) products in a commercial way by joining the affiliate program or by becoming a partner and creating a private labeling brand. Customer support from Purely (PŪRCBD) will help you and guide you through the process of launching a new CBD brand based on their 100% THC free extracts. If you are interested or have question about this particular program, you can send a message to [email protected]

Customer Service

Purely CBD service highlights

You can reach Purely (PŪRCBD) customer service in different ways. You can directly call them to their phone at 844-578-7359, send an email to [email protected]


Is PURCBD a solid brand?

Purely, or PurCBD, offers a nice variety of CBD products, including hemp flowers. For CBD oils, there is a possibility to choose from various flavors (Mint, Natural, Lime, Cinnamon), as well as select suitable CBD concentration (3 strengths are offered).

All products are third party lab tested, which is a strong plus.